Say Goodnight Sweet Prince

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am obviously satisfied that the Mets finally fired Willie Randolph, but could that franchise look any more dysfunctional after the manner in which they actually let him go? The organization sent out emails at 3:11 am letting media outlets know that Willie Randolph, Rick Peterson and Tom Nieto were all axed. There has to be a better way to have handled this. Do you think that back at the hotel, Omar hid in Willie’s closet and then smothered him with a pillow when he laid down to sleep?

But regardless, Willie, a seemingly classy guy was simply unable to corral this team and make them perform the way they were supposed to. Two years ago they were a base hit away from the World Series, since then, they have gone 122 – 109 which is simply not good enough. They have a $139 million payroll and were expected to be the best team in the NL. As reader Youppi pointed out yesterday, it is not Willie’s fault that players got hurt or have completely slowed down (cough, Delgado) but it is his responsibility to get the team to perform no matter what. This team goes the way Jose Reyes goes, and he hasn’t been going. The only player whom Willie’s constant mismanaging didn’t seem to affect was David Wright. Every few games there were moves that Willie would make that would be questionable. Whether it was even allowing Fernando Tatis to play or the manner he handled the bullpen, it just seemed like Willie was grasping at straws and didn’t have a plan.

I’m not convinced that Jerry Manuel is going to be a long-term answer, but any change is good at this point. What I’m most interested to see is who they hire for pitching coach. Leo Mazzone is still unemployed and, up until his less-than-successful tenure in Baltimore was considered the best pitching coach in the game. Was he product of the fantastic Braves pitchers, or is he really that good? Someone needs to figure out how to make Oliver Perez throw strikes, and Mazzone might just be that guy. If Perez, Mike Pelfrey and John Maine can’t be consistent this team should start booking their October vacations now.

The fact that Omar Minaya handled this situation so poorly though, is just one more example of why Omar Minaya ALSO needs to be handed his walking papers. That he could have done it at the worst possible time, and after forcing the coaches to fly across the country only to get fired in the middle of the night. Completely classless. Omar has managed to arrange a team that is inconsistent, a bench that is unproductive, the highest paid players (again besides David Wright) are all under performing. Ridiculous moves like the signing of Luis Castillo are simply inexcusable. WHY DO YOU SIGN A SECOND BASEMAN WITH BAD KNEES WHOSE GAME IS BASED ON SPEED TO A 4 YEAR CONTRACT IMMEDIATELY AFTER HE HAS KNEE SURGERY!?!?!?!?! Is that not the most idiotic move possible? Now the team is hamstrung at the position. The rotation is struggling, the bullpen is a rollercoaster, Delgado is finished, Beltran (last night excepted) has been not close to what he is supposed to be, Pedro has had one good year. There are very few moves that Minaya has made that have panned out and it is time that he go to. Let’s see if the Wilpons have the brains to do it.

Day one of a new Mets era starts today. Let’s hope it goes well…

4 Responses to “Say Goodnight Sweet Prince”

  1. 1 the roomate
    June 17, 2008 at 11:44 am

    I’m re-posting this recent comment to this new and more relevant blog-post. Eat it comment readers!

    If they wanted Willie out so bad, they should have canned him during the offseason when it made sense. Sticking with him made it look like they were behind him, and his managing has been fine this year(considering the team he has to manage). The Wilpons/Omar are spineless back-stabbers and if they expect the team to respond positively, they are in for a sad surprise. The problem with the mets is on the GM.

    Here’s a little scenario, its called: 2008 if Omar wasn’t an idiot.

    After a disappointing end to 2007, the Mets jettisoned a lot of their baggage. oft-injured El Duque has retired, Jose Valentin left for Japan, trade-deadline suckwad Luis Castillo went under the knife. He and Lo Duca are platooning in DC, Moises Alou is DH-ing in Minnesota(between DL stints), Shawn Green hung up his cleats, and the almost-aquired Carlos Delgado is struggling to stay league average on the Rangers.

    Its 2008 and the Mets are off to a solid start, battling for the NL East lead. The rotation managed to hold down the fort until the recently healed young lefty ace Scott Kazmir and crafty hall-of-famer Pedro Martinez came back from injuries. Brian Bannister, John Maine, and free-agent stalwart Kyle Lohse round out the solid young rotation, while Mike Pelfry, who filled in admirably for Pedro, slides into long relief. The infield is anchored by David Wright, Jose Reyes, and Mike Jacobs. Free agent Orlando Hudson adds grit to the team and gold-glove D. Ryan Doumit, aquired for now-starter Aaron Heilman from Pittsburgh, has shown a lot of pop and fits comfortably in the 6-hole. The bench is solid with Tony Clark, Jeff Keppinger, and the resurrected Fernando Tatis, who really plays well off the bench, but showed in spring training that he is not an every-day player anymore. The outfield of Milledge, Beltran, and Nady isn’t the best in the NL, but the mets were smart to pick up gamer Reed Johnson to help the talented Lastings through his growing pains. Endy Chavez is the back-up CF, with young speedster Carlos Gomez polishing his swing in AAA, the mets are in a good position to trade an OF for bullpen help down the stretch or put together a package for C.C.Sabathia at the deadline. Billy Wagner remains one of the best closers of all-time, though he’s hit some rough patches, Heath Bell has been lights-out in setup for the second straight year. He joins the newly signed Scott Linebrink and Lefty Pedro Feliciano to lock down the last 3 innings every night.

    Thats my mets team, should be 20-30 million less payroll and at least 10 games over .500

  2. 2 slanch
    June 17, 2008 at 11:48 am

    Also, Hudson is a free agent this year, not last year,

    heath bell sucked for the mets, he needed to go to san diego’s park to be good

    I still don’t understand how the mets are reaquiring kazmir, who was dealt before omar’s time

  3. 3 the roomate
    June 17, 2008 at 12:02 pm


  4. 4 myummers
    June 17, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    willie was mis-managing all the way through his final game in a mets uniform last night.

    mets were up 8-3, going to the bottom of the 7th. no pitcher hitting in the al park, and so pelfrey was sent back out to start the 7th against the angels’ 7-8-9 hitters. sounds fair enough, right? see if pelfrey can get throught the 7th, but surely if he lets a guy or two on, you’re going to dip in to the bullpen, right? i mean, as a manager, you DO kinda have to be ready for that, right?

    so, leadoff single. no big deal, still a 5 run lead, no reason to yank pelfrey at that point. of course, you might want to tell some guys in the bullpen to start stretching or getting loose, but not necessarily. next batter gets walked. okay, now you gotta crank the bullpen. it’s 8-3, 0 outs, 2 on, the 9 hitter then the top of the lineup. you pretty much have to take pelfrey out at this point. because if he doesn’t get the 9 hitter, there’s still 0 out, the lineup has turned over, and the tying run would be on deck. that would be downright unfair to bring in a reliever then and ask him to put out the fire.

    long story short? he didn’t get mathis, it was 8-4 with 2 on and still 0 out and who does willie bring in? why, the ONLY guy he had warming up, of course. (note there are 7 pitchers in the bullpen and 2 mounds in every bullpen) pedro feliciano. a lefty. to face back-to-back switch hitters. where was the righty? why wasn’t a righty or feliciano brought in before the rally was at its peak?

    they started the inning up 5 runs, and ended it still ahead only because aaron heilman clutchly struck out vlad and torii hunter as the respective go ahead runs. if you ask most mets fans, those might be the matchups they’d least want in front of them when playing the angels- heilman v. guerrero, hunter with the game on the line. but lo and behold, willie provided.

    good riddance willie.

    next get rid of minaya,


    heilman for rotation ’09

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