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One Way To Get Americans to Like Soccer

Europe is all abuzz about the Euro Cup Championship that is currently being played, the fans have been boisterous (and hot) and finding a myriad of ways to have fun. Case in point, the heated match yesterday between two Austrian and German teams in preparation for the national teams’ real game to be played today. The game yesterday featured a 10-5 win for the Austrian team, but the usual exchange of uniforms after the game was simply not possible. That’s because this was a match between the two nations’ women’s topless soccer teams.

With a “sizable” media presence and a mostly male audience, the ladies battled it out in their full glory. And obviously, “the match was organized by a chat room website.”

Wearing only thongs and body paint colored to their country’s flag, the women played a spirited, if not well-skilled game on the beach.

“I was supposed to hold the balls but I really have no idea how to do that,” said German keeper Jana Bach, who, after making this statement was swarmed by 12,000 men with offers to help her learn proper ball holding technique.

“They might have to work on their technique a bit but it was definitely a rather pleasant game to watch and a very nice version of the ‘beautiful game’,” commented spectator Rolf Hansen.

h/t to Reuters for the photos
(Stick around after the jump for some NSFW more shots from the game)

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How to Settle a Welsh Pub Argument

It has been said that Great Britain and the United States are two nations separated by a common language. I’d say that it is events like the following that are the true separators. In the Welsh village of Llanwrtyd Wells (how in the world is that pronounced?) they held their 28th annual Horse-vs-Man 22-mile race. Nearly 500 runners went up against 46 horses in the contest through the hills of Wales.

This year, John Mcfarlane (human) was bested by a mere 30 seconds by Dukes Touch of Fun (horse), making the record for the equines in this race a robust 26-2. Three years ago, Huw Lobb (seriously, Welsh is an alien language right?) became the first human to win the race, and last year German Florian Holtinger outran the same Dukes Touch of Fun by 11 minutes to win. Dukes got his revenge this year, edging out Mcfarlane and retaining the crown for horses everywhere. For Geoffrey Allen, owner of Dukes Touch of Fun, the day was quite the success and he was very proud of his horse. “She deserves a good rest and some extra carrots now,” he said after the race.

Gordon Green, the organizer of the event said, “Everybody finished the race with no problems and it has been a great day – the weather was perfect. It’s not just eccentric – we’re the largest horse race in Britain, as the Grand National only has 40 horses.” Green, who is one of the founders of the race, explained the rationale of the event.

“It started from a conversation we had with huntsmen in a pub, about who would be fastest over a long distance. I said a runner would be fastest, and the huntsmen said it would be a horse. We’ve been running it ever since. It is getting better and better with people coming from far and wide.”

This isn’t even the strangest athletic event in the town though, as LLanwrtyd Wells also hosts the Bog Snorkeling championships every year.

So far, it looks like the horses have had the advantage, but only by a nose. I’m going back to my training to prepare for next years race, no horse can keep me down.


What Willie Randolph Should Expect Today

Willie Randolph’s Damoclean adventure seems to be coming to an end, and none too soon.

“These are our coaches today. I think we’re not playing up to our potential. I always leave room to evaluate things.” Those are the less-than-encouraging words of Mets GM Omar Minaya after the Mets split a doubleheader against the Texas Rangers yesterday.

And this is what Willie should expect from Omar later today:

Especially since, according to news reports from the New York Daily News, Omar Minaya has received permission from the owners of the Mets, the Wilpons, to fire Willie and Rick Peterson and to have Jerry Manuel take over as manager.

I just hope the Wilpons saved a little of that firing sauce for Omar Minaya too.

And just to help out the poor Mets fans who have been suffering so recently, here’s some video from when Josh Hamilton, Milton Bradley, Ian Kinsler, Michael Young and Ryan Rupe decided to turn the infield tarp into a giant slip-and-slide during the rain delay and of Saturday’s game.


Move Over Yogi Berra

Lukas Podolski is on the German national soccer team, and is one of the better offensive players in Europe, it is possible though, that he may not be the sharpest stick on the kabob rack. Then again, he might also be an incredibly gifted wordsmith that should be celebrated for his ability to craft a sentence such as this one.

“Fussball ist wie Schach, nur ohne W├╝rfel.”

What, you don’t speak German? My apologies, translated it reads: “Soccer is like chess, only without the dice.”

How true. I can’t wait for the AFLAC commercials with Podolski.

For a couple more really of the really great quotes from German soccer players, check out this article in Der Spiegel. One of my other personal favorites is from former star player turned coach Franz Beckenbauer who famously said, “There is only one possibility: victory, defeat or a draw.”

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