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Mariano Rivera Loads Up a Spitball

He is the greatest closer in post-season history but during last night’s game against the Angels it appeared that Mariano needed a little something extra. He turns his back from the plate, looks around to see if anyone is paying attention and then BLOOP, he SPITS on the ball. Now I’m not idiotic enough to think that this is the reason for his long history of success, but for this one moment, Mariano CLEARLY is cheating. Of course, the spitball was banned from MLB in 1920, so it’s not like this is something new to Mariano, I mean, he’s old but not THAT old…

Amazingly none of the other 5 umpires on the field noticed anything and while the TV cameras caught it, there was no mention or acknowledgement whatsoever. Astonishing.

Mariano Rivera Spit on Ball3Mariano Rivera Spit on Ball4

What do you think? Is he cheating or just “accidentally” spitting on the ball.

[Halos Heaven]


A-Rod Gloms on with Both Hands

A-Rod Grab Ass“Stop running away from me Derek. I know we can make this work.”

h/t to Ben for the photo.


Seriously Dude, Rethink Your Life


If I ever need to vomit I don’t need to stick my fist down my throat, now I can just look at this picture.

[NYC Barstool Sports]


Rudy Acts Petulant, Forces Former Consituents to Swap Seats

Rudy Giuliani DressFormer NYC mayor and still-current fascist Rudy Giuliani was on hand for Wednesday’s Yankees game at their new home. However, all was not well in his world, he was forced to sit just behind the dugout instead of his usual seats alongside the dugout. This is apparently unacceptable for Rudy as the NY Post reported:

He was overheard moaning to wife Judith that he preferred his old seats at the side of the dugout, which allowed him to chat with the players. A spy said, Giuliani was sitting in the first row behind the dugout and was complaining. He told Judy he wanted his old seats back. He summoned security and was immediately swooped away to another seat behind home plate. A young couple sat down in his [old] spot and said, ‘Giuliani wanted our seats so we had to move here.’ ” A rep for Giuliani didn’t get back to us.

[NY Post]


Only the Strong Yankees Fans Can Survive

If a Yankee fan hits another Yankee fan is there any crime? I say no. Let the animals tear themselves apart.

Or in this case, two toddlers go at it with foam fingers. Same difference.

[NYC Barstool Sports]


It’s Time To Spray Some Dudes!

It’s clinching season around the majors and as teams finalize their playoff spots they take the opportunity to pop some champagne and celebrate. Now, I for one am getting annoyed, and bored, with the constant celebration, great, you’re in, do you need the champagne buckets? Super, you won the ALDS, why not save the celebrating for something more meaningful. Champagne should be limited to winning the pennant or the World Series, nothing else.

Although, it is hard to pass up ejaculatory-like sprays of liquor on a teammate…


At least the Cardinals just celebrated with beer, but then, when you play in St. Louis and play in Busch Stadium I don’t suppose you have much choice… I just hope that after the Red Sox clinch (tonight?) they do so in an appropriate manner.


Mama, Who Was That Masked Man?

The accepted public hazing of baseball’s rookies continues and as much as I dislike the Yankees I have to say they flat-out KILLED it with this year’s iteration. Here is Anthony Flynn as Robin, Mark Melancon as Batman, Ramiro Pena as Catwoman, Michael Dunn as the Riddler and massage therapist Lew Potter as the Penguin. Well played Yankees veterans, well played. I just hope this kind of success doesn’t carry over into the playoffs.

Yankees Hazing 3

[Huffington Post]


Posada Takes Exception, Provides “Cheap Shot”


Toronto Blue Jay Jesse Carlson was never a pretty man, after last night he added a handsome welt to his grisly visage after upsetting Yankees catcher Jorge Posada. After coming around the bases, Posada threw an elbow into Carlson who was covering home plate in a move that home plate umpire Jim Joyce called “unsportsmanlike” and a “cheap shot.”

(video of the whole affair is HERE)

Previously the Yankees had hit Toronto’s Aaron Hill and so Carlson threw behind Posada as retaliation. Carlson didn’t hit him though and while both benches emptied in an empty gesture, there weren’t any ramifications beyond both teams being warned.

It was Posada who started the whole affair the second time by shoving of Carlson and that led to the full emptying of the benches and a full-on brawl. Of course, most of the players were just standing around on the outskirts afraid of being touched. It wouldn’t be a douchey brawl if Shelley Duncan didn’t get in the middle of it. Seriously, this dude doesn’t do anything on the field but always wants to fight SOMEONE. What the hell is his problem, take an anger management class or drink some herbal tea or something.

One player who apparently was eager to be touched was A-Rod, because, after all it wouldn’t be a big piling up of men without him throwing out a super gay-sounding quote: “It got pretty heavy and pretty thick pretty quickly.” Yowzers, you want some more dick with that quote?

[Big League Stew and ESPN]


Jeter Takes a Ride on the Iron Horse

Derek-Jeter-Rookie-Series-Limited-Edition---Photofile-Limited-Edition-Photograph-C11837076Obviously, this pains me to write, but here goes anyways; congratulations to Derek Jeter. While I’ll never be a fan of the Yankees and you continue to be embarassingly overrated at shortstop, tying Lou Gehrig’s record for most hits all-time for a Yankee is a pretty awesome feat.

Unlike other Yankees, my dislike for Jeter is solely on the field. He’s the guy you don’t want your team to have to face when the game is on the line. He loves the game, he loves to play and will do anything he can to get out on that field. He’s the ultimate competitor and has enjoyed a phenomenal career thus far.

As he’s been getting older Jeter seems to be IMPROVING, he had one of his best all-time seasons in 2006 and he’s nearly matching it this year, despite hitting age 35 this season. Even his defense hasn’t been woeful this year!

Jeter will certainly pass 3,000 hits next season and, if he got the playing time conceivably could even get to 4,000 which is crazy. Now, I don’t think he will because after his contract runs out next season his years as the starting shortstop for the Yankees will begin coming to a close. With Teixeira and A-Rod under contract for the better part of the next decade, there isn’t an obvious place to move Jeter to on the diamond. Maybe second base or left field, but most likely he’ll become some sort of a 3-4 game a week player in a utility role. Regardless where he plays, Jeter will hit.

At the end of his games, that’s the last you hear of Jeter until the next day’s lineups. You don’t see Jeter on any steroids list, or a police blotter or in court for some silly lawsuit, off the field he does just 2 things; crush some of the hottest ladies in the world and think about baseball. I may dislike him strongly, but I certainly respect and appreciate him.

ed to add: I will say though that I am SHOCKED the Yankees have never had a 3,000 hits player in their history. I know they’ve had players who have reached that point, but never solely as a Yankee. In the end, this isn’t THAT big a story, but in my mind, anytime you get mentioned with Lou Gehrig it’s a pretty big deal.


Yankees Go Green With Envy

Carl Pavano was so ineffectual and rarely seen on the field for the New York Yankees that the team’s DL became derisively known as the “Pavano.” In 4 seasons as a Yankee, Pavano won a grand total of 9 games, meaning that the Yanks effectively paid him $4+ million per win. This season, after signing a 1-year $1.5 million contract with the Indians, Pavano has already won 9 games this season, in 20 less innings than he threw over the course of Yankees tenure.

The Yankees clearly are disappointed, so much so they’ve gone green with envy — or at least their old home has. The destruction of the old Yankee Stadium is taking a little while, and in the meantime, nature has weeded her way back in. Where once fat, obnoxious, disgusting New York Yankees fans bellowed and hollered, now weeds, vines and other fauna are working their way through the concrete.




Mattingly Spits, Not Swallows (His Pride)

20090722-232212-pic-900632050_t607I don’t know how or why it is, but ball-players sure do seem to spit more than the average person. Maybe it’s the wide expanse of green that makes them salivate more but regardless, spitting is an integral part of the game.

Growing up in the Yankees clubhouse, Taylor (son of Don) Mattingly must have seen thousands upon thousands of spittle projectiles launched. Now 24, the former 42nd round pick of the Yankees in 2003 was arrested Tuesday night for battery and criminal mischief after allegedly pushing his mother and then spitting in her face. 

I love family reunions!

The reason he was so upset? Taylor’s mom reportedly sent him a text message insulting his girlfriend and father. Taylor was also upset that his mother had canceled the cable at the family’s ranch where he was staying. Which of course, led to him flipping over tables and breaking windows. Standard fare really.

I for one am not surprised, I mean, I look at this mug-shot and all I can see is giant douchebag. In fact, I’m submitting this photo to wikipedia for the douchebag definition page.

[Courier Press]


Who Knew I’d Ever Side With a Yankee Fan

Here’s a scream-filled fight video from the game yesterday between the Marlins and Yankees down in friendly Florida. Some father, along with his young daughter intends to take in the game and instead has some crazed other fan attack him. Now, obviously, something was said earlier that set this all off prior to the video rolling but at least in the video it’s clear who was the aggressor. I will say the attacker makes a pretty crazy leap towards the dad, and the guy who is filming it makes a nice understatement when he turns the camera on himself and says “Holy shit!”

Happy Father’s Day!

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