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Your Kentucky Derby LOCK

3470625515_96ae20bb23If you’re looking for a good pick for next week’s Kentucky Derby, we’ve got a great inside tip for you; go with Musket Man.

Now, I’m already biased towards this horse because I have an affinity for Revolutionary War soldier art (don’t ask) but if your own innate patriotism isn’t enough for you there are other, very worthy reasons to pick him.

First, Musket Man has won 5 of the 6 races he’s participated in, including victories in the Illinois and Tampa Bay Derbys this year. Also, Derek Ryan, Musket Man’s trainer has loads of confidence in his steed, “Best temperament of any horse I’ve ever had. Nothing bothers him. He goes with the flow.”

Secondly, as part of his daily training routine, much like you might have a beer after work to relax, Musket Man has a Guinness. Why you ask? Because, according to Ryan, it “…mellows him out I hope. Nah, it gives him a good appetite. They say a Guinness a day is good for you. So far it’s worked.”

I can’t think of a safer bet than a drunken horse.



People Like Horseys More Than You

At Saturday’s running of the Kentucky Derby the only filly in the race, Eight Belles valiantly raced to second place, but her near-victory was short-lived as in the process she broke both her front ankles and it became necessary to euthanize her on the track immediately. For those of you wondering why it was necessary to euthanize her because of her broken ankles, the answer is here. Of course, with such a popular event like the Kentucky Derby invariably a circus-like atmosphere can develop.

For example, the pre-race hullabaloo included making sure the Democrat candidates made their picks for the race. Barack Obama picked Big Brown, the favorite before the race, who did indeed go on to win. Hillary Clinton’s choice though was fellow filly Eight Belles. Not exactly the best omen for one’s campaign to present.

When the injury to Barbaro in 2006 occurred there was an outpouring of ridiculousness from all sorts of people across the world. Fan blogs, message boards, people sending gifts, and giant cards were just the beginning with the insane way people reacted, and overreacted to the accident that befell a horse. After all, in the end it is just a horse and this is no longer the 19th century and horses are unnecessary anymore except as rich guy status symbols. I love that these people who cared so much about Barbaro and somehow found inspiration or something in his attempts to recover could give a shit about actual people in the world. However, a horse that they never met, would never interact with, that could care less about you and your thoughts and that was the plaything of some rich people to prove how big their wallet-dicks are, was such a focal point in these crazy people’s clearly otherwise empty and pathetic lives.

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