Football Finally Comes to Israel

Because the Israeli baseball league did so well, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has invested money into the Israeli Football League, which will be renamed the Kraft Family IFL, sounds catchy. The teams will play many of their games at Kraft Stadium, a football stadium Kraft had built several years ago to help promote the sport. So far, the game hasn’t taken off too well. I guess it’s hard to get excited about someone throwing a deep bomb when there are actual bombs going off…I wonder if they call a Hail Mary pass a shema pass instead…and how in the world do players celebrate touchdowns if Jesus wasn’t there to get them into the endzone?

Man, I’m on FIRE! Anyways…

“I get a special feeling in my heart every time I hear Hatikva (Israel’s national anthem) sung on a football field, and hope to help this sport grow in this country,” Kraft said during a visit last year to Israel where he took in an IFL game.

A statement released by league commissioner Ben Friedman had this to say:

The Kraft family involvement will ensure a banner year for both the IFL and American Football in Israel at-large, and we’re excited to kick off our upcoming season with such a significant milestone,” IFL Commissioner Ben Friedman said in a statement Tuesday.

3 Responses to “Football Finally Comes to Israel”

  1. 1 David
    October 29, 2008 at 11:00 pm

    Dude, learn about what you’re writing about before you publish it. Kraft is sponsoring the IFL to grow the sport in Israel, not for any profit whatsoever. The IFL players are amateurs with no contracts, and they must buy their own gear. Kraft’s donation hjelps offset that. And your callous remark about bombs was just plain childish. The Israel Baseball league was a for profit venture run my a moron who sells bagels. No comparison.

  2. 2 chaim
    November 3, 2008 at 11:32 am

    You write, “Because the Israeli baseball league did so well,” and hyperlink to a story about the league. But the story says nothing about how the league did so well, it told of the very opposite, stated clearly in its headline: “Field of failed dreams.”

    Then you write, “I guess it’s hard to get excited about someone throwing a deep bomb when there are actual bombs going off,” when the story hyperlinked says in the opening sentence: “It’s not that playing baseball in Israel is so important, when there are real bombs bursting in air and real rockets’ red glare.” On FIRE? How about a little plagiarism? Moreover, it’s not Kraft Stadium, it’s Kraft Field, and the difference is obvious. And there is no connection between the baseball league and the football league, because Kraft is about football only. so if you’re going to write about a subject, try getting a clue first.

  3. November 3, 2008 at 11:40 am

    Wow Chaim, way to understand anything. First off, the baseball line is sarcastic, because the only American sport that has had any semblance of success on a professional level in Israel is basketball, my point was that this football league is likely to fail. But nicely done in understanding that. I thought we Jews were supposed to be non-stop sarcastic caustic folk, or didn’t you get the memo?
    As for the plagiarism, meh, I’ll admit, I never even read that particular article I posted, after I wrote my piece I then searched for a link that told the story of the Israeli baseball league folding, and that’s the one I went with. So laziness maybe, plagiarism, not so much.
    However, I did read the second hyperlink, which clearly you did not because if you had read it you’d see that the article refers to the stadium as KRAFT STADIUM, actually, Kraft FAMILY Stadium, so, I guess I should have included that word there too, although the IFL football site just refers to it as Kraft Stadium so…

    But no, you’re right, I’m a without a clue. Is it frustrating being such a dumbass all the time? It sure is frustrating for me to deal with simpletons such as you.

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