Who else is excited for the MLB playoffs! Actually, I’m not even that excited yet, I’m sure once the games start I will be, but at the moment it all feels very hum-drum. Oh well. Anyways, here are my predictions now that all of the teams and matchups are set.


Red Sox over Angels in 5

Rays over White Sox in 4


Red Sox over Rays in 6


Phillies over Brewers in 4

Cubs over Dodgers in 4


Cubs over Phillies in 5

World Series

Red Sox over Cubs in 5

World Series MVP, Jon Lester

Join us below the jump for some more thoughts.

Now the Red Sox/Angels series concerns me because of the injuries piling up for the Sox, but after yesterday when both JD Drew and Mike Lowell got in some good batting practice I feel a lot better. Lowell is a much bigger key than Drew, without Lowell the infield depth is not great, we can survive missing an outfielder but the loss of Lowell would be too much. I’m not convinced that the Angels are a better team, but the gap is really really close. I also think that the Sox are hungrier right now, whereas the Angels clinched in mid May.

Chicago backed into the playoffs and while their pitching is going very well, besides supposed ace Javier Vazquez, I think the matchups favor the Rays and that the Rays’ adrenaline and sheet talent will will this team into the ALCS. Unfortunately, there their magical season ends. However, they will gain a ton of valuable experience and I won’t be surprised at all when they win the World Series next year.

The Phillies series is a tough one for me to call, the Brewers’ pitching is in SHAMBLES after doing everything they could to get INTO the playoffs. CC alone might get this team to the NLCS but I just think it will be too much for one man alone and the rest of the rotation will struggle too much to beat the Phillies. The fact that Yovani Gallardo, he of the ONE start since spring time is starting game 1 doesn’t bode well. I think Cole Hamels and the Phillies pitchers do just enough and the bullpen shuts down the Brew Crew in the late innings.

The Cubs are clearly the best team in the NL and I think their pitching will simply overmatch the Dodgers who feature strong but not stellar starters. It’s important to get to the starters early against the Cubs because their bullpen is so strong as well. Unfortunately for the Dodgers, I think Manny doesn’t get any pitches to hit and the team is unable to generate enough offense to get anywhere.

When it comes to the CS’ I think the Sox’ experience and the Cubs pitching will propel them both into the series for one of the most epic and marketable World Series in recent memory. Alas, for the miserable Cubs this becomes one more, “wait until next year.”

However, if Josh Beckett is unable to pitch for the Sox or Mike Lowell is too hurt to be effective I change my pick to the Angels who will then run roughshod over the rest of the AL. But that won’t happen. Beckett is going to be fine and the Sox will get the job done once more. Go SOX!

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