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ESPN Fails

ESPN must be trying really hard to make sure that their Sunday Baseball broadcasts are watched with the sound down next season. Watching the games was hard enough already with just Joe Morgan and Jon Miller, there is only so much inane talk that can be withstood; but ESPN is announcing today that they will be adding a third man into the booth, Steve Phillips.

The same Phillips who was fired as the Mets’ GM, the same Steve Phillips who has broadcast games for about two years on ESPN and is yet to add a cogent point, the same Steve Phillips who adds NOTHING to every baseball segment he’s been a part of since he joined ESPN. Sounds like a good plan to me!

Now, the Sunday games, which are supposed to be the biggest showcase of the game will feature a broadcasting team that will be completely unlistenable, I wonder if the Nielsen’s can register that the sound is down? What ever happened to the removing of Morgan from Sundays? Is there truly no god?



There Just Might Be a God

According to anonymous reports in the Daily News there is a half-decent chance that this World Series might be the last work we see out of Joe Morgan on ESPN. Gloriously mustachioed Bob Raissman reports that his embedded sources tell him that Morgan and possibly also Jon Miller, will be removed from the Sunday Night Baseball broadcasts. Oh how I hope this is true. I simply cannot understand why a figure so polarizing, someone who I have NEVER seen a positive word about regarding his broadcast abilities has been allowed to continue being on national television. The game of baseball has passed by Joe Morgan. Sure, he used to be a phenomenal player, but as a broadcaster he totally blows. He never presents anything informative or interesting, he’s regularly wrong and he continually derides the modern statistics while sticking by stats that truly have no bearing on the actual ability of a player such as RBIs and wins. So here’s hoping that Raissman’s sources are correct, the sooner we can get Joe Morgan and his terrrifying cat eyes off of TV the better.


NY Fans Remain the Absolute Classiest

With the All Star game in Yankee Stadium, and everyone in the media falling over themselves to wax poetic about the stadium and the Yankees, the fans in the stadium are doing their part to show why they’re douchebags.

Last night when Chase Utley was introduced he was lustily booed, now granted it was likely Mets fans that were booing him, but fuck it, they’re all from New York, and it was still stupid. Here’s Chase’s reaction to getting booed. Don’t worry ChUtley, you’re still totally boss in my book, now keep cranking those homers for my fantasy team.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Last night’s Home Run Derby was some kind of cruel endurance test as ESPN put Joe Morgan and Chris Berman together as the announcers. I’m pretty sure that can be considered torture under the American Code of Military Justice. I hope they had the TVs tuned in over at Guantanamo. All I know is that after the pure analysis Joe provided, plus my ears ringing from “BACK BACK BACK, it falls just beyond the infield,” that I came super close to stabbing a screwdriver into my ear canals.

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3 Items of Note from the 6th

Last night’s Mets/Dodgers scrum on ESPN was a semi-interesting game, with the Mets showing some signs of life and making a giant leap from where they were last Sunday when rumors swirled that Willie Randolph was about to be axed. During the 6th inning though there were several interesting things of note that came onto the screen, and being a helpful little beaver, I’ve documented them for you.

First, the broadcast showed Kent Desormeaux, the jockey for Big Brown, notice the woman with him.



There is something about her that is slightly off. I think it’s her Sarah Jessica Parker look, and of course we all know that SJP has that horshish look to her. Remember?

All of which means that Kent Desormeaux, a tinyish gentleman who rides equines for a living seems to bring his work home to the bedroom. I hope this is not an isolated incident though. In my dreams all jockeys date horse-like women. Also before every race they all sing Oompah-Loompa songs together.

Then, I looked over Jose Reyes’ shoulder while he stood at the plate and noticed someone in the crowd who looked awfully familiar.

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