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Remember Children Are Our Future

I know this probably makes me a horrible person, but this video makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

And just for kicks, after the jump, how about Sarah Palin talking with reporters while a turkey gets slaughtered. Fun! Continue reading ‘Remember Children Are Our Future’


Sarah Palin Goes Both Ways

“How about those Tampa Bay Rays?” Gov. Sarah Palin shouted in Jacksonville last week. “You know what that tells me, it tells me that the people in this area know a little something about turning an underdog into a victor,” she said. “And we’re counting on you to help us do that Nov. 4.”

However, at a rally in New Hampshire on October 15, Palin appealed to the other side of the coin, “We’re just 20 days out from the election and it’s gonna come right down to the wire, and we’re counting on you because Red Sox fans know how to turn an underdog into a victor, and that’s exactly what you can help us do on Nov. 4!”

So much for straight talk. Unless straight talk means being duplicitous and disingenuous. Does being a maverick mean saying ANYTHING to try and appeal to people?

“Apparently this team of mavericks thinks straight talk means saying one thing to Rays fans and another to Red Sox fans,” chimed in DNC spokesman Damien LaVera.

Reader Youppi sent along this image to me and, since this blog is all class, I’m posting it below the jump. It’s a bit off color, it’s more than a bit inappropriate and it’s more than a bit hilarious.

Continue reading ‘Sarah Palin Goes Both Ways’


Philly Fans Boo Palin

Sarah Palin was given the honor of dropping the first puck for the Philadelphia Flyers’ new season, of course, this being Philly, city that booed Santa Claus, she was greeted with a hearty helping of boos. So much so that the arena was forced to keep raising the volume of the music in order to try and drown them out. Fortunately, Philly fans can lustily boo with the best of them and the boos can still be heard above the din. Well done Philly! I also love how Palin’s daughters have both received makeovers since they’ve been in the public arena with all new wardrobes and much more stylish haircuts. I hope they don’t stand out too much when they are returned to exile in Alaska…


Future MILF Delivers Sports News

Via Deadspin comes this fantastic video of John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin (nee Heath) in 1988 when, for a brief period of time she served as a local news sports reporter. Her hair is fantastic, her accent is atrocious and her commentary is subpar. She provides recaps for such exciting events like the Iditarod, Big Ten basketball and University of Alaska hockey scores, sounds like quite an evening of sports. Also, Palin, who has a nice MILF thing going for her now, back then, if you can look past the 7 cans of hairspray, kinda has it going on. If she were elected, it would mark the first time that the Vice-President actually got me excited, although probably not the for the reason that the Republican’s are hoping. I wonder how many times she and that SUPER hot and awesomely mustachioed anchor got down to business time in their dressing rooms before going on-air.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

That Mets/Dodgers game clip though IS hilarious. I actually recommend that the Shea grounds crew start turning on the sprinklers during the games now, it’s certainly better than having to watch the Mets bullpen.

Also, my new favorite completely unsubstantiated rumor that I am nearly 100% is completely UNTRUE but still interesting to think about, is that Palin’s infant son is really the son of her 17 year old daughter who was held out of school for 4-5 months with “mono.” Now, a woman having a child at age 44 IS more likely to have a child with Down’s Syndrome, so that is a strong mark in favor of Palin having had the child, but then I see things like how she took a 7 hour flight to get back to Alaska AFTER her water broke to have her baby at a hospital WITHOUT an NICU and it seems awfully strange to me. But whateves, it’s only the fate of the free world. Another interesting link, from a more mainstream non-rando website on this story is here, so you don’t think I’m just making this stuff up as I go along. I mean I am, but I don’t want you THINKING that.


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