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The Broncos Lose Their Biggest Fan

Every team has that one special fan that stands in for the larger fan-base, people like the Cowbell Man for the Mets or the Jets’ Fireman Ed; Tim McKernan, the self-named “Barrel Man” of the Denver Broncos was just that kind of fan.

The famous rooter made a $10 bet with his brother in 1977 that he could wear a barrel to the game and get on television. He did, and that launched a 22-year-run where McKernan, a former United Airlines mechanic, showed up at every Broncos home game in his ubiquitous orange barrel, orange cowboy hat and boots and little else. From 1967 to 2008, McKernan missed a total of 4 games, in 2007 the Broncos held a special half-time ceremony where they honored him, presented him a game ball and several other team presents.

Early Saturday morning Tim McKernan passed away of lung failure; he was 69.

[Denver Post]


Well There Goes My Exacta Box

2On Wednesday at the Belmont Race track during the post parade for the 5th race, City On Line, a 4 year old colt broke away from his lead pony, tossed his rider and then bolted down the tunnel back towards the paddock. Running wildly, the chestnut horse slammed into a statue of Secretariat, irreperably fracturing the femur in his left hind leg. The onhand vet from the NY Horse Racing Association euthanized the horse on the spot.

The impact damaged the base of the statue but it will otherwise be fine.

[The Canadian Press]


Meet the Next Man to Beat Up Jose Canseco

I guess fighting Danny Bonaduce wasn’t enough of a challenge — even though Bonaduce fought Canseco to a draw when they faced off in January — because Jose Canseco has signed up to fight 7-foot-2 Korean kickboxer Hong Man Choi at the Dream 9 mixed martial arts tournament in Tokyo on May 26th.

Jose is gonna get WRECKED. I know he needs money but there has to be a better way. Hong Man Choi is a GIGANTIC MONSTER of a human being and I’m terrified of him in picture form. Even though Choi doesn’t have a sterling record in the ring, neither does Canseco and Choi is definitely going to destroy him.


Does Vegas take bets on whether or not a fighter will die in the ring? Does it make me a bad person for even asking?
The fight will be on PPV, I need to scrape up the cash for it immediately.

[Fan IQ]


I Love Japanese Culture

While this story is unfortunate, I love the mindset that led to the situation in the first place.

Noriyuki Komatsu, a former flyweight champion of the Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation was found dead at the basin of a waterfall in Otsu, Japan on Monday evening. He “is believed to have accidentally fallen in while engaging in ascetic training at the waterfall, [‘police] said. He had been visiting a temple in Kyoto since Saturday for meditation.”

I don’t know what “ascetic training” entails, but it sounds awesome. For some reason I don’t think we’d ever see Floyd Mayweather doing anything similar…



Fan is Short for Fanatic

Thanks to our previous President’s excellent stewardship, things in Iraq are settling down, violence is subsiding and the country is getting back to normal, returning to it’s once cosmopolitan way.


Or maybe, instead, immediately following a soccer game between two rivals, one of the players was killed with an errant gunshot.

Annana had just completed a 1-0 win over their neighbors Sinjar when, as one does, a fan shot his gun in the air, or in this case, less so. “A stray bullet hit Annana player Haider Hakem in the chest and he died,” police lieutenant Ali al-Khafaji said.

According to Agence France, “Fans often launch into a blaze of triumphal gunfire in Iraq when major league teams clash.” So there’s that, I suppose.

Anyway, nice liberation W…

[Agence France]


Teeing Off One Last Time

Coach Sacharski teaches 5-year-old Craig LeClair the art of T-Ball, 1958

America lost another great leader yesterday when Jerome “Jerry” Sacharski, 98, died in his home in Albion, Michigan. Serving as a teacher and coach in the Albion Public Schools system from 1951-1980, Sacharski is often credited with inventing T-Ball and Albion was one of the first places where it was played as an organized sport.

Without t-ball, I might never have become a major league baseball player. As of yet, I haven’t become one, but I don’t think the tee had anything to do with that. Besides, there’s still time. If Paul McAnulty can be on a roster than someone should sign me up too.

[Seattle Times]


Tommy Was A Great Man…Wait, He’s Not Dead?

PD*26437929In a touching moment, 2,000 fans of the Bishop Auckland soccer team stood for a moment of silence in memory of Tommy Farrer, who played for the club from 1945-1953. There was just one small issue with the moment, Farrer isn’t dead!

As the fans stood heads bowed, Tommy Farrer, 86, was at his home, 300 miles away alive and well. The team also placed a tribute to Farrer in the local Bishop Auckland paper as well as mentioning it in their Wednesday program, saying “We have just learned of the death of Two Blues legend Tommy Farrer. Our thoughts go to his family and friends.”

The team only found out that their mistake, after they had paid their respects en masse, when the team president called Farrer’s wife, Gladys, to express his condolences. The very surprised Mrs. Farrer told the club’s president he could pass on his comments to her husband himself, adding: “He will be back in a minute. He’s only popped out to get a paper.”

Tommy Farrer who was a bit bemused by the whole affair had this to say, “I feel sorry for the fans who stood freezing in the stadium. My wife and I go for a half hour walk every day and are still fit and well.”

“I’m very moved that they went to such trouble for me, I played for them a very long time ago.

“Whoever it was who told people I had died obviously contacted the local football ground and they decided to go the whole hog by arranging the silence.

“We are not upset, but we did think it was a bit of a joke at first.”

[The Telegraph]


In a World Where No Man Lives Forever

Today we lost another biggie, Don LaFontaine a master of voiceovers, whose signature, “In a world…” movie trailers was known the world over died Monday from complications from a collapsed lung in Los Angeles.
Lafontaine, 68, began doing voice-overs in the 1960s and voiced trailers for movies as diverse as The Godfather, Terminator 2 and the Simpsons Movie. Among his other accomplishments were some of the greatest eyebrows this side of Omar Sharif. Going to the movies won’t be quite the same anymore. RIP.

h/t to reader Garnold for the story.


RIP George Carlin

Growing up one of my favorite past times was to lay back on my bed and listen to George Carlin cds. I listened to them all so much that I had the routines memorized. It didn’t matter that I knew what was coming next, he never ceased to make me laugh. Combined with Kurt Vonnegut, Carlin helped influence me to no end in the way I see the world and the way I write. Carlin inspired me to want to be funny and entertain people and while I don’t normally care about celebrity deaths, this one joneses me out to no end.

After entering the hospital yesterday complaining of heart pain, Carlin, 71, died last night due to heart failure.

No comedian can ever match the level of his accomplishments or influence. Where Lenny Bruce started–and inspired Carlin–George picked up that mantle and started swinging at the world around him. Even recently his wit and genius for wordcraft and word play was still amazing.

I know I for one will sorely miss his gravely voice. Thanks for all the laughs George, they’ll keep coming long after today.

Everyone else I know is posting the Baseball/Football routine, but one of my favorite bits is one from the early 60s from the Killer Carlin album, take a listen here, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

The embedded player may not work right, I’m still playing with it, but the link definitely works.

“Mickey Mantle is a sucker for a curveball” always makes me laugh when I say it at a baseball game, even though no one ever gets the reference.


RIP Charlton Heston

So uh, does this mean we can come get all those guns now?

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