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Music Is a Legal Drug For Runners

I’m not much for running, frankly, I’m too lazy and too slow to find it in any way enjoyable but were I to run a half-marathon (I won’t, ever) I’d want to do one like this one in London on October 5. Designed by British sports psychologist Dr. Costas Karageorghis, the inagural “Run to the Beat” half-marathon will feature 17 live bands along the course with ecletic genres of music

“Music is like is a legal drug for athletes,” says the good doctor, “It can reduce the perception of effort significantly and increase endurance by as much as 15 percent. The synchronous application of music resulted in much higher endurance while the motivational qualities of the music impacted significantly on the interpretation of fatigue symptoms right up to the point of voluntary exhaustion.” Maybe Ricky Williams should look into marathons instead of football, it might help with all the temptations

Karageorghis also pointed out that in recent research he conducted, runners listening to artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna and Queen ran further, faster and longer but also apparently enjoyed themselves more, even to the point of collapsing from effort. Although it is just as likely that the runners were collapsing from being forced to listen to Madonna…

Each band will play “scientifically selected” music for the runners as they go past that intends to help the runners reach peak performance.


Everything Is Coming Up Cat Poop

It must be just one of those days.

So I saw a story this morning about the world’s most expensive coffee beans, apparently they run for over $100 a cup in London. You can never discount the stupidity of people, and since coffee drinkers are already tweekers, people will definitely buy them. Just on their own, the beans seem extravagant and silly, but not otherworldly ridiculous more so than any number of other silly things that the rich spend their money on. Then you find out where they come from, civets. Not familiar with the civet, get acquainted.

It seems these sorta half-cat half-monkey creatures eat cherry coffee beans and are unable to fully digest them and poop them out. Enterprising individuals then go through their droppings and extract the coffee beans, bag them up and ship them off to rich folks in London to have with their scones. Yum! Now that’s the job I need to have. What category is that under on Careerbuilders?

If that’s not classy enough for you, the other day in a supermarket, I noticed these chocolates. Now, maybe I’m old-fashioned, maybe I’m a prude, or maybe simply an animal-hater, but to me, these are unappetizing. I mean, I get it, the Germans are insane but kitten poop chocolates?

Look at how ashamed the one on the far left is. He knows what he’s doing, he knows that people are going to taste his chocolatey feces. All the other kittens are fine with their role in this catrocity, but one kitten has remorse. Obviously not enough to stop the whole caper from happening, but he knows what he’s done.

I also really appreciate the cat on the far right, he’s clearly the brains behind the whole operation. Sitting there smugly, mugging it up for the cameras. He knows that you are helpless to say no to Katzenungen.

I mean, they do look kinda delicious, and they are edelbitter, I don’t know if I can resist…

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