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She’s a Man, Man, or is She? *(UPDATED)*

caster-semenya-pic-getty-489275065Remember Caster Semenya, the mannish-looking South African sprinter who caused a controversy that led to her being gender tested after winning the 800 m gold at the World Athletic Championships? Well, the test results are IN!

The good news is that Caster IS a woman; the bad news is that she is ALSO a dude. According to the results, Semenya doesn’t have a womb or ovaries but does have internal testes. With the revelations that she is a hermaphrodite, track officials are unsure of their next step, do these tests mean she should be stripped of her medals? Does this change nothing?

According to a source at the IAAF, who ordered the tests in the first place:

Everything is going to have to be done absolutely by the book, no question of a challenge to our findings. There’s all sorts of scans you do. This is why it’s complicated. In the past you used to do a gynaecological exam, blood test, chromosome test, whatever. That’s why the findings were challenged, because it’s not quite so simple. So what they do now is they do everything, and then they can say look, not only has she got this, she’s got that and the other. The problem for us is to avoid it being an issue now which is very personal: of the organs being a hermaphrodite, of not being a ‘real’ woman. It’s very dramatic.

Despite having higher hormone levels than normal, Semenya is still within the official limits for a woman. As well, her birth certificate and her family both claim her as woman.

This whole experience has ruined at least one thing for me, I used to think sex tests sounded like FUN, now I’m disillusioned.

[The Sun]


She’s a Man, Man, Well, Not Really, But Once, Sorta

sarahgronetGerman tennis player Sarah Gronert has been finding it difficult to gain entry into the professional ranks and has been under intense scrutiny because she was born a hermaphrodite with both male and female genitalia. Despite being medically certified as a female, other players and coaches have very strong feelings about the matter.

One opposing coach had this to say:

There is no girl who can hit serves like that, not even Venus Williams. When I heard her story, I was in shock. I don’t know if it’s fair that she can compete or not. She does have an advantage, but if this is what the WTA have decided, they probably know best. If she begins to play continuously, within six months she will be within the Top 50. This cannot be. This is not a woman, it’s a man. She does not have the power of a woman and no woman has such a technique. She serves like a man. It’s very strange.

I for one welcome Gronert to the professional tennis ranks. Let her play, tennis is boring these days if Ana Ivanovic isn’t playing anyways, why not spice it up a bit?

[Post Chronicle]

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