Best Lions Jersey Ever?


6 Responses to “Best Lions Jersey Ever?”

  1. 2 shatraw
    February 6, 2009 at 11:40 am

    oh and 16

    c’mon youps

  2. February 6, 2009 at 11:41 am

    Shatraw gets it!

    and what does he win…



    maybe i’ll get you the Lions team video yearbook…

  3. 4 shatraw
    February 6, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    i think that the team yearbook might sound a little something like this. (don’t forget to add in highlights in your head!)

    “the 2008 detroit lions – a team filled with promise, yet racked by the growing pains that effect all great NFL teams. in week one, the lions suffered a heartbreaking loss surprising Atlanta Falcons. rookie QB matt ryan made an early season splash that kept the lions guess.

    in week two, the green bay packers came to town and another rookie QB went to work on them, running up 48 points to the lions 25.

    week three saw the lions visit another young team – the san francisco 49ers. the 49ers would emerge victorious.

    sweet relief for the lions came in week four, when they enjoyed their bye.

    week five brought archrival the chicago bears to ford field. unfortunately, the lions must have shown up somewhere else, handing the game to the bears 34-7.

    by week six, the detroit lions were desperate for their first win. heading into the metrodome, the lions were ready to dismember the vikings. in one of the season’s most painful to watch games, the vikings squeaked it out 12-10, sending the lowly lions to 0 and 5.

    things were looking up in week 7 for the lions, heading down to texas to visit the houston texans. there was no alamo in the cards this time, though, and the lions plummeted to 0 and 6.

    next, the lions lost to the redskins. week eight, it would turn out, was not great.

    the lions flew to chicago in week nine, but boy, their arms must have been tired, losing once again. the final score? 27-23. the season so far? 0 and 8!

    the jacksonville jaguars played guest in week 10, but spoiled the host lions’ party. a 38-14 whalloping sent the lions to 0 and 9.

    of course, folks were whispering now. would the lions go 0 and 10? everyone figured “yes, of course, they suck.” but the lions would beg to differ…

    hell bent to salvage some form of dignity, the lions headed to Carolina for a cat fight down south with the NFC South leading Panthers. there was, it turned out, no dignity to be had and the panthers pulled it out 31-22.

    three home games were ahead for the lions, which meant now was the time to put together a few wins. the results? a week 12 loss to the bucs, a week 13 loss to the titans and a week 14 loss to the norsemen. at the end of their homefield advantage, the lions stood at a reeking 0 and 13.

    still, 3 games left. three chances to avoid the greatest embarassment in sports history. three shots at glory for the pathetic.

    the colts were up first in week 15. the colts, unsurprisingly, won.

    then came a visit from the new orleans saints. surely, if any team spelled mercy, it was the one crested as saints. alas, none was shown and the lions plummeted to 0 and 15.

    the last chance for the lions came against the packers. in the freezing cold of lambeau field, the packers left the lions for dead, 31-21, and helped them complete the worst season in all of sports. a perfect terror. a wonderous flop. the 0 and 16 season.

    this has been a look at your 2008 detroit lions. it’s not expected to get any better in 2009.”

  4. 6 shatraw
    February 6, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    want it? i wrote that shit!

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