Other Reasons I Dislike Omar Minaya

I’ve been accused by reader Youppi for hating the Mets and such because of my latest diatribe against the sheer insanity of signing Omar Minaya to a new 4 year deal. Well, I disagree. Youppi, first off, I don’t hate the Mets. I don’t particularly like them, but I have zero hatred for them, although seeing them fail is pretty hilarious to me. I do dislike and abhor Omar Minaya who I think is overrated and inept. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE David Wright. I want him to succeed.

So that’s first off.

Secondly, I had even forgot about El Duque. The beginning season rotation was supposed to be Johan, Pedro, Maine, Perez and El Duque. YIKES! And then when injuries and Perez being perez happened they were scrambling for pitching. How do you assemble a roster like that and not have 10 other semi-decent starters available, after all, besides Johan and Maine no one in that starting rotation is in any way consistent and two of them are old as fuck and likely to, and did, get injuries. Now fortunately the Big Pelf stepped up and was surprisingly good. That’s awesome, and it’s about time. But, the fact that beyond him there were meaningful starts going to the likes of Nelson Figueroa is abominable.

As for your “good moves” that Minaya has made, I already gave props where due for Johan, Minaya FLEECED the Twins for him and that was a great move. Will it be when the contract is up? Probably, but that’s a ways away and I’m willing to call this one a solid win for the Mets. Beltran has been a pretty good signing but it wasn’t as though Minaya had a lot of competition, he threw out the biggest number and therefore got him. Nothing too impressive about that. Houston offered a comparable deal with slightly less money and no no-trade clause and thus, Beltran was a Met. Nice, but not especially impressive. I also complimented Minaya on his recent good trades, I would argue that the Nady trade has hurt the Mets in the long run although initially Hernandez and Perez were useful, as much as they need pitching, Oliver Perez is so up and down that the steadiness of Nady would probably be about equal. In fact, Nady’s OPS+ since 2006 when he was with the Mets is 112 and Perez’ ERA+ in that same span of time averages out to 96. Granted they are very different stats, but essentially Nady has been SIGNIFICANTLY more valuable as a player than Perez whose three year average ERA+ is below the average player (average being 100.) So let’s call that deal what it is, a failure.

Omar did get Wagner and Delgado, again, more throwing money at a problem than anything else. There is ZERO long-term mindedness coming from Minaya. Both players are in their mid to late 30s, neither has a viable young option coming along to replace them and while both were useful in the short term they have also both singlehandedly helped to destroy their team at long stretches this season. So I’m not going to give that one a ringing endorsement, at best I’d say it’s a push. The good years have been offset by the bad, and to be frank, what have they accomplished since both signed on? Nothing would be the answer. Unless you want to give them credit for the biggest choke job in history. Sure, I’ll give them that.

Regarding the firing Randolph, A) MINAYA HIRED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE, B) he didn’t fire him until way too late, long after it was clear he was going to, and needed to be fired. C) When he did fire Randolph he did it in such a silly stupid-ass way that he ended up making Randolph look sympathetic because he wasn’t as bumbling as Minaya. Well played.

“He did get Luis Ayala, who has 9 saves, so…” Um really? That’s your argument? Ayala is and will forever be a scrub. I almost hope the Mets DO make the playoffs because the thought of the NL teams teeing off his junkballs in the playoffs excites me to my cockles. Ayala has been lucky and is not nor should he ever be, a team’s BEST option to close out games. last night’s implosion is unfortunately just a precursor to more similar events. The fact that the Mets’ bullpen is assembled right now by everyone who has ever thrown a pitch in baseball up to and including a near Al Reyes sighting is embarrassing and awful. The Mets bullpen is BY FAR THE WORST of any playoff contender and the reason why they are struggling to hold onto the Wild Card as opposed to dominating the division as they should have. Their bullpen is held together with double-a players and duct tape and is destined to destroy them.

As for your claims that they are going to the World Series? HA! Zero chance. Sorry buddy. Again, I don’t hate the Mets, but their complete ineptitude is astounding to me. They have A GIGANTIC payroll (higher than my Red Sox btw) at $138 million and look what they have to do, throwing scrub reliever after scrub reliever out there in sheer desperation that someone, anyone, can get a major league hitter out.

Finally, I do admit, I was wrong, they will finish 10 games above .500. Great! Swell! SUPER! HOORAY! LET’S GIVE THEM A PARADE! Of course, if they miss the playoffs then who gives a fuck. It doesn’t matter at that point does it. So, as the Brewers keep falling over themselves to lose the Wild Card the Mets are unable to pull away. My main point regarding your guest post about the Mets was that their record wouldn’t be enough to get into the playoffs. Even finishing above .500 isn’t useful since there really is no discernible difference between a 90 win team and a 82 win team if both miss the playoffs. If you aren’t going to make the playoffs you might as well blow everything up and rebuild like the A’s do.

The Brewers won last night and the Mets lost, that means that they are tied now for the Wild Card with 4 games to play. This is after the Brewers have already lost 14 games this month! It’s a good thing that Tom Glavine isn’t around this season. According to Yahoo, Saturday’s starter would be one of either Jonathan Niese (YIKES! Although he was good last time out), Brandon Knight (I’m a reliever!) or Nelson Figueroa (I played baseball at Brandeis!). Good luck with that. And if it comes down to it, Johan will pitch again on Sunday which means that if it gets down to the wire, which by all measures seems likely, Johan will be unavailable to pitch in the NLDS until probably game 3 at which point the Mets will have already thrown Oliver Perez and Pedro, meaning the Mets will be down 2 games to none and facing elimination. Sounds like a blast!

And by all means, if you think I’m wrong, which I’m sure you do, say so below. Or make fun of the Red Sox and try and find flaws in their team construction if you think that will get back at me. It won’t because I admit and accept our flaws and we’re going to the playoffs, clinched a spot in fact. And even with our flaws everyone is scared to wake the giant that is their bats and our 1-2-3 punch of Beckett, Lester and Matsuzaka is pretty intimidating for any of the contenders. But by all means hammer away.

4 Responses to “Other Reasons I Dislike Omar Minaya”

  1. 1 the roomate
    September 25, 2008 at 11:29 am

    mommy, daddy, why do you fight and throw baseballs at each other?

  2. September 25, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    Let’s get to the root of the problem here: Vince Coleman has yet to throw a live firecracker into a crowd of fans.

  3. September 25, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    Also, if there is an Al Reyes reference, I demand a link to the Spitting Blood Birthday Bash.

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