Today in Ridiculous News

First I saw that Clay Aiken had come out as gay and my mind was still trying to wrap itself around that; I mean, he always seemed so straight, plus he kept denying the rumors so vehemently, it’s a hard one for me to believe. Then I hear that Matt Millen (Detroit’s record under him was 31-84(!)) was finally FINALLY fired. But then, to make me even more incredulous, in the most ridiculous news of the day I see that Mets GM Omar Minaya is getting a 4 year extension. Um, WHAT? Among his accomplishments Baseball Tonight had listed were that his team went to the NLCS once (losing to the worst eventual World Series winner in recent history), that he has a winning percentage of .551 and that he signed Carlos Beltran and traded for Johan Santana. Um, that’s it?

Now I’ll give credit for Johan, the deal Omar made was a fucking steal as we’ve seen that Carlos Gomez and the rest of the semi-scrubs the Mets sent the Twins’ way are not CLOSE to being truly serviceable on the major league level. That was a well played move. Omar waited until the Sox and Yankees, with their superior offers, bowed out and played upon the desperation of the Twins. That’s some smart maneuvering. However, the REST of the Mets roster is an epic example of FAIL. How can you go into a season with someone like Moises Alou penciled in to start and really not have an effective backup behind him for his eventual injury? Endy Chavez doesn’t count as he is and always should be a 5th outfielder. The farm system isn’t producing any major new talent, sure the infusion of players like Daniel Murphy have been nice in recent weeks but the rest of the system is bereft of top-quality players who can make any kind of impact in the near future.

Omar has proven himself to be recently a generally adept trader (John Maine, Brian Schneider, Ryan Church et al) but he has no semblance on how to create a proper bullpen, his pitching rotation is in shambles and the very fact that the Mets are clawing at the standings to try and hold onto the Wild Card seems to me like all very good reasons to at least WAIT on signing him to an extension. I don’t understand how, in good conscience you can go into the offseason if this team misses the playoffs with Omar as your GM. That would be two straight years where he completely blows it and doesn’t give his team the necessary pieces to contend.

Next year when the Mets move into Citifield they need to contend and be successful, the team as currently assembled is barely able to hang on in the wild card despite Milwaukee having already lost 14 games this month. 14! It seems to this Red Sox fan that the Mets are a sinking ship, one that even if they get to the playoffs is likely to be swept. Why reward the man who assembled that team? What has he done to prove that he deserves it? Why because he made Willie Randolph fly cross-country and then fired him in the middle of the night? And who hired Willie? And don’t give me some bullshit that the injuries to the team weren’t his fault. Some of them, sure weren’t, who could see that Church’s concussion would keep him out forever, that was unlucky. Pedro Martinez, Moises Alou, Luis Castillo (SIGNED to 3 more years!!!!!!) all of them were not possible injury risks but LIKELY, nearly guaranteed to get injured and not provide many games. But Minaya expected them all to be valuable and play a majority of the season. At least I assume he did since he had NO backup plan for anyone of them.

I’m simply dumbfounded that he is going to be around for 4 more years. He must have the most incriminating photos of the Wilpons EVER. Was he at a puppy culling where the Wilpon’s bathe themselves in puppy blood and film it? There has to be a logical answer and that’s the only logical one I can come up with.

Well Mets fans get ready for 4 more years of praying and hoping to make the playoffs as the team regularly chokes away the best years of David Wright and Jose Reyes. Sigh. David, you deserve better.

4 Responses to “Today in Ridiculous News”

  1. 1 lucaschute
    September 24, 2008 at 2:26 pm

    even in his harshest posts, slanch’s man-crushes reveal themselves.

    Youppi, rebuttal? bring back steve phillips?

  2. 2 youppi
    September 24, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    first of all, I would have waited til the end of the season to resign him. Doing it now, and not fully addressing it seems fairly pointless.

    anyway, aside from the luis castillo debacle, omar has done a fine job.

    see: johan. AND he didn’t give up Pelfrey, or Evans or Murphy, who ARE contriubuting, no matter how much you want to downplay their skills. But back to Johan, THAT is a GREAT signing. period.

    in his first year, he signed Beltran AND Pedro. Yeah, pedro is old now, but we knew that going in, and his presence is still just as important in the clubhouse. Beltran has been ovearll pretty good. He puts up the numbers, maybe not in the clutchest of positions always, but he’s a threat, ALWAYS, in the lineup.

    he turned “where is he now?” kris benson, into John Maine. OK, so maine is hurt right now. It’s his first DL stint, and he’s been pretty good. he got Oliver Perez and roberto hernandez for nady. Yeah, nady is looking pretty nice, but do the mets need another bat now, or a pitcher (i’ll take the pitcher).

    Omar also added Wagner, and Delgado, and he fired Willie Randolph and look at what happened to the mets after that.

    beltran not swinging the bat in 2006 has ZERO to do with omar, nor does willie’s decision to bat cliff floyd, or any of that. yes, our bullpen is not good now. hey, they’re tired from a first half over-working via willie randolph. and while he didn’t totally address the bullpen before the all-star break, he did get Luis Ayala who has 9 saves, so…

    this post of yours clearly stems from your hatred of the mets. Omar has done an above average job. The Mets improved from 71 wins in 2004 to 83 wins in 2005, then an MLB team high (tied) 97 wins in ’06. And they went to the playoffs, AND THEY’RE GOING TO GO THIS YEAR AGAIN!

    FACE IT, SLANCH – you hate the mets, and crap on them for no reason. Well, I’ve got news for you, they’re good, and they’re gonna go to the WS.


  3. 3 youppi
    September 24, 2008 at 3:36 pm

    but, yes, luis castillo is a sh*tbag, and that is by far the worst thing omar has ever done. (i heard it rumored that they only signed him because he’s such good friends with Johan, and Johan in his last 16 starts is 8-0 with a 2.26 ERA, so, I’d like to keep him happy.)

    Whatever, Castillo will platoon with Murphy next year (who they should convert to a second baseman).

  4. 4 myummers
    September 24, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    i wish i could say i’m surprised, but with the mets, well…they’ve been making head-scratching moves for most of my lifetime.

    minaya should’ve fired willie earlier, there was absolutely no good reason to keep him on for the start of ’08. unless, of course, you’re stubborn and refuse to ever admit mistakes. i think we all know wilpon ordered minaya to fire willie and then ordered him to take the heat for it. of course minaya botched that up. counting on ANYTHING from el duque or alou was pure idiocy.

    so the mets wait until 6 games left in the regular season, their season still in jeopardy, to announce the extension. where’s the sense in that? what, do you really think minaya’s going to LEAVE????? that someone else is going to make him a better, more lucrative offer? nonsense. he’s staying for as long as they keep giving him money to spend on latin players. and what happens if, god forbid, the mets choke again? that would be 2 straight chokejobs when they were supposed to AT LEAST go to the nlcs each year. mets fans would be beyond furious, and they’d know that the gm is here to stay. and at that point you can’t fire manuel, because he was better than randolph. so what will be the solution at that point, if it happens? the same thing that will happen even if they make the playoffs and get pounded- $100 million to k-rod and/or manny. that’ll solve everything.

    this is why i’ll never again be a mets fan.

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