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Belichick Kicks 4 Players Out of Practice for Tardiness

Coming off their first 2-loss streak in 57 games, you’d hope that the Patriots were dedicating themselves to rediscover their swagger. Instead, with snow swirling around Boston today 4 players arrived late to an 8 AM meeting and were sent home. It’s not like Wednesday is one of the most important days of practice or anything, so I can see why they didn’t show on time. It’s also not like these are professional athletes with limited responsibilities beyond SHOWING UP TO PRACTICE!

Of the players in question, I’m not astonished that defensive end Derrick Burgess was no-show, after all, that’s exactly what he’s done on the field all season. Has he even been playing, because I feel like I have nearly the exact same stats as him for the season. Among the other players missing was Adalius Thomas, the highest paid defensive player on the team who has never lived up to the contract he signed and the expectations that came with it. He won’t be with the team next season for certain, but at least pretend like you care. Middle linebacker Gary Guyton was another of the tardy players, and from a young player like that, who was an undrafted free agent I expect more. This is a guy who has had to bust his ass to get where he is, don’t get lazy now!

And lastly, the final late player was one Randy Moss. Yes, Randy has been a model citizen in his time with the Patriots, yes the weather IS bad but there is simply no acceptable excuse for him to be late unless he has video footage of him singlehandedly pulling a school bus full of children out of a snowbank. This is the same Randy who put up little effort to prevent an interception in the end zone on Sunday, and who has been dominant for stretches and then non-existent in others. C’MON RANDY, you’re better than that.



The Patriots Stars Travel in Style

While everyone else on the Patriots showed up for their trans-Atlantic flight in casual comfortable clothes, Tom Brady, the 2007 Esquire Best Dressed Man rolled up in a super stylin’ grey suit looking dapper as ever. Look at that pocket square, PERFECTLY folded, seriously, this man knows how to dress to impress. Brady StylinTom wasn’t the only star Patriots player to be in top form, Randy Moss apparently was running late, but managed to get his lunch and still make the flight, even if it was touch and go for a bit.

Randy MossThose fries look tasty.

[Boston Globe]


The Most Bad-Assed of Doppelgangers

If you haven’t watched The Wire, quite frankly you’ve missed some of the best television of the last 20 years. One of the shows standout characters was Omar Little (played by Michael K. Williams), a tough SOB who robs drug dealers and is one of the most feared people in Baltimore. When he walks down the street, everyone else runs away, he is infamous for using his shotgun on whoever gets in his way. When Randy Moss was traded to the Patriots in 2007 he instantly became a good citizen and the most dominant receiver in the NFL, putting up stupid video game numbers that are almost unfathomable. One of the absolute best when the ball is in the air, if it is near him usually Randy will pull it down. Please make sure to vote in the poll to let these doppelgangers move on.

And don’t forget to check out all the other excellent doppelgangers HERE.



Belichick Gets Mic’d for Practice

This video from isn’t super informative, but it was interesting to see parts of Bill Belichick at practice with the Patriots. I especially like when he’s talking to Jerod Mayo and asks him why he needs another car and Randy Moss yells out, “that’s first round money!” I also really appreciate Belichick asking Mayo if he wants to get a Volvo and Mayo saying, “nope!” Anyhoo, enjoy!

ed. to add:

Ok, the video for some reason isn’t embedding, but go to the link above, or click HERE and you can see the video on the NFL website.

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