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Bengals Add to Their All-DUI Team

The Cincinnati Bengals, owners of an 0-4 record that doesn’t look to get any better with this week’s matchup against the Cowbows added to their roster of malcontents and miscreants by signing former Bears running back Cedric Benson. Of all the teams in the league, Benson made the best possible choice. After all, no one else is so open and accepting of DUI’s and a player of the versatility of Cedric Benson, who can garner a DUI on land and sea should markedly help the team. The Bengals, who have made more headlines off the field than on in recent years seem to have accepted that if they can’t win on the field they might as well make news off the field. I just hope the Bengals players take to Benson more than his Bears teammates did since the Bears tried to injure him in practice so Thomas Jones could play instead…

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The Bears LOVED Cedric Benson

Now former Chicago Bears running back Cedric Benson has taken it upon himself to complete one of the most difficult DUI trifectas. A few weeks ago he was arrested for drunken and disorderly conduct, while driving a boat! (I always thought that was the only way in which one SHOULD drive a boat, but I digress.) Then he recently picked up the much easier and standard DUI for operating a car. Now, Benson just needs to get up in the air for a DUI for flying a plane and he will have completed arguably the hardest cycle to accomplish in sports.

That’s not the end of Benson’s story though. Even though he was released by the Bears a few days ago, he is likely to get picked up by some other team because he does have some game. But that’s not the interesting news about Benson today.cedric-benson-mug-shot-bigger

Jay Glazer a Fox Sports reporter was on Dan Patrick’s radio show and made a very interesting statment, you can listen to it here, saying “There was one guy on that team who those teammates never liked…Hell, one year they tried to hurt him to make sure Thomas Jones could be the starter…Guys would go right at him because there was a competition between him and Thomas…and the thought was to get the first round pick into the starting lineup and Thomas’ teammates didn’t want to see that happen.”

Wow. When your teammates are actively trying to hurt you and knock you out of the lineup it probably means you’re not the most popular fella on the team. This likely doesn’t portend well for the future of Benson. If the franchise that drafts you, gives you a multitude of chances, including dealing away Thomas Jones to give you the starting job but now completely gives up on you, and stories come out that your teammates hated you and went out on the field trying to hurt you, it probably means that finding the next place of work might be a little more difficult. I hear the Arena League is always looking for more players though…

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