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Another Reason Cablevision Sucks

So, perusing the options available for MLB’s Extra Innings TV package, I saw that providers like Time Warner are offering at least one HD option in addition to the standard channels so that it is possible to really enjoy the games in STUNNING HD. Unfortunately, where The Slanch Report is based in Brooklyn we are stuck with Cablevision. For those of you that don’t know, Cablevision is owned by the same people that own the New York Knicks, that would be the 20-55 Knicks. The team that Isiah Thomas has run completely into the ground and have become a laughingstock. The owners also have recently pledged their support of Isiah Thomas, who apparently, despite sexually harassing an employee, making some of the worst trades in league history one after another and spending tens of millions of dollars wastefully cannot do anything to get fired.

So clearly, Cablevision’s decision makers aren’t the best. But why in the world is there not at least ONE HD channel? Once I’ve started watching sports and baseball in HD I don’t want to go back to standard. It sucks! So the idea of paying $160 to not get even a SINGLE HD game seems ridiculous to me. I want the MLB package. Bad. But if I’m going to watch all these games give me the OPTION of an HD game. I will always choose the HD game, hell, I’d even watch Pirates/Giants if it was i HD.

Time Warner has HD channels, according to a spokesman for Time Warner the cable operator will offer “many” Extra Innings games in HD. But Cablevision? No way, because why would we want to satisfy our customers? As much as I love RaveHD and the joys that it gives me, I’d much prefer that bandwidth to be BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL.

So, until they get HD channels I ain’t getting the Extra Innings package. Cablevision, do the right thing.


In Search of Time-Filling HD Programming

For those of you unfortunate souls unlucky enough to have either Optimum (Cablevision) cable or Dish Network you are missing out on one of the best shows on television right now. Voom HD is comprised of increasingly more and more unnecessary channels for programming starved HD owners; was the demand really that high for Rave HD? Monster HD? But I digress. Treasure HD is a part of the Voom family of networks, with such fine shows as Treasure Seekers an almost identical rip-off of Antique’s Roadshow, it is almost amazing that no one out there watches their programming. there is one worthwhile show though, the single greatest action/adventure/treasure seeking show on TV, Treasure Divers, and it is hosted by THESE GUYS!


On this show you follow Captain Gary (left) and treasure diving legend, Carl “Fizz” Fismer, he’s legendary, because they tell you so.

These two corpulent men take you on a different adventure each episode. Shot in stunning HD, some of the underwater scenes are really breathtaking, most of them are cloudy and show nothing, the rest of the episodes… Well, let’s say that in order to fill their hour-long show there are A LOT of shots and moments that don’t need to be, and really should NEVER be on television not to mention the constant reusing of shots (especially underwater.)

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