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The Cyclones ARE Brooklyn

As the inauguration approaches and the reign of Barack Obama is set to begin, the ever clever minds of minor league baseball are at work as well. The Brookyln Cyclones, Single A affiliate of the Mets are, for one game, changing their name to become the Baraklyn Cyclones.

The promotion, set for June 23rd looks to be well-thought out and planned. The team has even created a special website just for this event. Among the festivities planned for the game include special Stars and Stripes uniforms for the team and economic stimulus ticket packages, (it means they are cheap.)

But wait there’s more! From the website, here are some of the other promotions that will be running that day in honor of Barack Obama:

  • FREE Barack Obama bobbleheads to the first 2,500 fans in attendance, featuring the President in a Baracklyn Cyclones Jersey
  • The Economic Stimulus Package: From 10am on January 20th – Inauguration Day – to midnight on January 23rd, ticket prices for the June 23rd game will be “rolled back” to the Cyclones’ inaugural 2001 season rates: $10 Field Box Seats, $8 Box Seats, $5 Bleacher Seats. Beginning January 24th, tickets will be priced at the regular 2009 rates ($15, $12, $8)
  • Universal Health Care: Free Band-Aids to the first 1,000 fans
  • Naming Rights: Anyone named Barack gets in for free (Bring your ID on the night of the game)
  • Joe the Plumber special: any plumber named Joe gets two free tickets – one for himself, and one to “spread the wealth” with a friend (Bring your ID and a business card or proof of employment on the night of the game)
  • Bi-Partisan Consolation Prize: anyone named McCain or Palin will get a free Bleacher Seat (Bring your ID on the night of the game)
  • A clear-cut Exit Strategy: fans will receive American Flags and discount coupons as they leave the ballpark

The Cyclones aren’t done with just that though, they also made this video, which is pretty damn funny,well done Cyclones.



Michael Irvin Says Something Intelligent?

Michael Irvin is a blowhard, his opinion is generally useless but I find myself sharing the same sentiments of the folk over at Awful Announcing that Irvin was strangely and surprisingly very eloquent in describing his reaction to last night’s election. Take it away Michael:

What a historical moment that was last night. … From an African-American standpoint, I watched my people — watched my people — celebrate the not guilty verdict of O.J. Simpson. They were so hungry for a victory of some kind that they celebrated — we celebrated — the verdict of O.J. And I was thinking to myself, ‘Two people are dead. Two people are dead’ Now, I’m not talking about my people, I’m explaining them here. They were just so hungry to say ‘We have a victory.’ And I cringe when I even think about that.

But last night I watched a celebration. A real celebration. A real celebration, and it was a celebration for everybody, and everybody celebrated, and they kept showing this shot, and I was watching, of this little black girl and this little white girl, just sitting there crying together, and I thought, wow. I thought about Martin Luther King and his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, and I thought about him saying, black kids and white kids playing together. …

Last night we removed all differences and became just one, and I thought that was a beautiful thing. It was just a beautiful thing. I stood here with my kids, we watched it and we cried and we prayed.

Well said sir. For one day I’ll heed your opinions.


Ocho Cinco Por Obamo

Football fans were denied a moment of political partisanship this past Sunday as Chad Ocho Cinco on Dan Patrick’s radio show revealed that he had stashed Obama signs by the goalposts for a touchdown celebration. Unfortunately, the Cincinnati Bengals are hapless on offense and were unable to get Ocho Cinco into the endzone, despite two relatively close tries. The NFL is probably relieved though as they would have been forced to fine him and the “controversy” that it would cause would dominate the NFL news all week. Thankfully, the Bengals totally blow so it wasn’t an issue.

After the jump are some French people getting upset at touchdown celebrations in daily life. Maybe Chad could take some notes for new celebrations that WON’T get him fined.

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Obama Controls the World Series

Because the World Series doesn’t start late enough, Barack Obama has asked for, and received approval from MLB and Fox to start any potential game 6 of the World Series fifteen minutes later. That’s because he’s purchased a half hour of airtime from Fox so that he can air a longer commercial for his campaign.

“Fox will accommodate Senator Obama’s desire to communicate with voters in this longform format,” Fox Sports said in a statement. “We are pleased that Major League Baseball has agreed to delay the first pitch of World Series Game 6 for a few minutes in order for Fox to carry his program on Oct. 29. If requested, the network would be willing to make similar time available to Senator McCain’s campaign.”

I for one hope it is like the old Ross Perot ad buys where it is a half hour full of lots of charts and graphs. Now THAT’S exciting television!


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