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The Force is Strong With This One

My interest in funny car racing is non-existent, besides when we looked at uber-cutie Ashley Force last year, well, as of now there are TWO reasons for me to enjoy the NHRA, and it’s Ashley’s youngest sister, Courtney.

While there is a middle sister, Brittany, she doesn’t excite my passion for the sport in the same manner. Courtney is 20, and when she isn’t on the drag race circuit she is working on a communications degree from Cal State Fullerton, fulfilling a promise to her mother. Seeing that she’s following in her father’s (and sisters’) footsteps, Courtney might, if you’ll excuse the pun, become a force to be reckoned with. As well, she is on the family’s reality show, Driving Force. I may have to start following funny car racing now…but for the moment, I’ll enjoy these many photos after the jump I hastily assembled of her cuteness-osity.

And if you’re interested in following Courtney a bit more, she will be writing a regular piece for the USA Today as she goes through the racing circuit this summer.

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Because Sports are All About the Balls Anyways

You know how you find yourself watching a Nascar or NHRA race and you’re always like, “Damn, this is truly the greatest thing in the world. If only I could somehow have my couch vibrate and shake me to simulate like I too was a driver on the track to make this even better…”

Well good news, introducing, the Buttkicker!

This weekend the NHRA Racing series is going to be installing a bluetooth receiver in the car of Jeg Coughlin Jr. (Jeg? Goddamn that’s a redneck name!) which will enable a viewer at home, using the Buttkicker, to feel exactly like they are riding in the car with Coughlin. The Buttkicker folk are hoping that they will be able to sell subscriptions in the future and add in a slew of other sporting event possibilities too.

After all, the chance to watch football and feel the tackle or feel a collision at the plate while making your balls tingle has always been the dream of any TRUE sports fan.

However, this might be the only way you can get your girlfriend to stay on the couch with you through the entire football season…

[Fan IQ via Engadget]


An Amazingly Horrific Picture

Funny Car driver Scott Kalitta was killed this weekend during a qualifying race in New Jersey. The 46 year old Kalitta was a two-time former champion with 18 career wins. His Toyota Solara was going about 300 mph when it started to burst into flames and then crashed into a wall. His death is obviously totally unfortunate, but I won’t call it tragic; the drivers all know the risks when they get into their cars. The Boston Globe and the AP got an amazing shot of the car as it burst into flames, because it is essentially the picture of Kalitta’s unfortunate demise, I’m posting it below the jump for those of you who don’t want to see it. It isn’t graphic in any manner besides there being a car/man totally engulfed in flames, but if you’re interested/equally ghoulish, check it out, it is a remarkable picture.

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