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Links for the Weekend

At long last, at least for this week, the links for the weekend return! Enjoy!

This is the Halloween costume for parents who either have a great sense of humor or really hate their kids.

Minka Kelly on site for a GQ photoshoot and a nip slip? Um, yes please. (NSFW)

Those dope Yann-Arthus Bertrand Earth photos can be your computer wallpaper, check ’em out!

I want a library this incredibly dope. I also want to be an internet millionaire. Make it so.

How about some of the worst tattoos from sports fans?

How about some just Red Sox tattoos, most of them terrifying.


Links for the Weekend

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Falcons plus ladies equals erotic falconry, hilarious.

What happens when an SUV goes up against an F-16?

Which south Florida team has the hottest cheerleaders? You decide

The homes of billionaires, neat!


Links for the Weekend

This website takes porn stills and uses basic photoshop to make them innocuous.

It’s posts like this that make me so thankful to be a Red Sox fan.

The wonderful female fans of the Euro championship. Why wasn’t I better at soccer!

Michael Lewis, who wrote Moneyball, has a great article about Cuban baseball for Vanity Fair.

Exercise three times a week and you’re more likely to go bald. I like my head of hair and so I don’t work out.

Some Office spin-off rumors and casting announcements

Attention students, all of your friends died in a drunk driving accident. Cut to a few hours later, just kidding, now you’ve learned not to drink and drive…


Links for the Weekend

Here are some tasty delicious links to take you into the weekend.

A clear sign that there are supervillians in the world and they are working on doomsday devices, these photos of lightning over a volcano.
My friend Phaea from Phroofie Crede wrote this article about dealing with your boyfriend’s fantasy baseball addiction. Pay attention ladies.

A whole collection of Manny being Manny moments, in video form!


Links for the Weekend

As usual, here are some fine links to take you into the weekend, actually click these, they are good.

The Eagles announced their new cheerleading squad and included are these three hot sisters. Fun!

Manny Ramirez is closing in on 500 HRs and the Boston Globe charts every single one, check it out, you can see every stadium, every pitcher, everything. Dope!

FanIQ has the dirtiest and weirdest racehorse names just in time for the Kentucky Derby. Neat!

One of the checks used to pay for Babe Ruth from the Yankees is going up for auction, feel free to buy it for me.

Cueto versus Quato from Total Recall

Awesome tiger photos, because, hey, why not!

This douchebag is running for congress from Indiana and wants to protect the white women from the Pornocaust because black men are boning thousands of white women and infecting them with stds that leave them sterile.


Links for the Weekend

While getting all my preparations ready for the NFL draft and Foam Finger Day at Shea here are some links to take you into the weekend. Enjoy!


Comedian Steve Harvey is losing weight I guess, and so are his friends, make sure you stick around for Big Boom (above) who provides security for Steve and also writes women’s self help books. Amazing.

And these are Big Boom’s self-help books, you could buy them both for under $10… It’s never too early for gifts…

An awesome set of baseball cards for what is far and away the best baseball movie, Major League

My friend “Garnold,” who writes an awesome blog about fantasy baseball has a great bit about Edwin Encarnacion and Dusty that you should definitely read.

Here’s a story about a college basketball player trying to get people to do his homework, by advertising on facebook. Dumbass.

First MLB takes down my videos, next they’re banning water in the dugouts, is nothing safe?

Mets scrub reliever Joe Smith decides to have it out with Cubs fans, unfortunately we can’t hear what they said to start it all…

Wanna go to every baseball stadium this summer? Well, here’s a schedule for you to do just that.


Links For the Weekend

It’s a slow day, watching some day games and so, here are some links to take you into the weekend.

The Real Reasons Pedro is Hurt Again

The Borings are against Google. I’m Against being bored

Bobby Cox is one smart manager

At long last, Little John is making his own wine line.


Links for the weekend

For the weekend here are a couple links that you definitely should read to take you into the weekend. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the sheer volume of Hideki Matsui’s porn collection.

Sports Hernia Presents “Stuff Awkward White Centers Like”

This All-Robot Baseball Team from the Armchair GM is fucking hilarious.

First they came for the nipple rings, and I said nothing…

You’re never too old to have to pay for it

Awesome bath tub/aquarium

Secret East German Porno stash discovered, Hideki arranges plane tickets

Keenan and Friend Go to Good Burger

Man claims to speak “Australian” After Allegedly Being Raped by a Wombat

Have a good weekend!

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