To explain Slanch (slan-ch) I’d have to explain Cloach. Do you know Cloach? No? Well then it doesn’t make a difference. He’s a guy, don’t worry about it. Anyway, the name mostly comes from my friend; this guy, he’s a nicknaming machine and walked by me one day in college and said “Hey Slanch, your nickname is Slanch now.” It stuck.

In terms of leanings, the Slanch Report loves prospects, adores the steal and lives for triples.

The Slanch Report loves baseball dearly and will report a lot on it. We shall also strive to bring you the best possible coverage of all the other sports out there, bringing you the best plays, the wierdest stories, the cases of idiocy and of course, the hot women that intersect therein. We believe in class and etiquette but rarely muster the effort ourselves. We do applaud it.

Our efforts are in humor and you should find them that way, or not, either way join in. If you do not enjoy your time here that’s unfortunate; you are probably wrong about something. Regardless, if you think of something to say, say it.

However, you should be entertained.

That’s right, you, and you alone, are the person I am writing for. Also, not to be forward, but you’re looking pretty good today, is that a new shirt?

Well, it looks new, on you…