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Fan Upset that Big Baby Bumped His Precious

After Glen “Big Baby” Davis hit the game-winning shot last night he was justifiably excited, he ran down the court almost in amazement that he actually hit the shot. Along the way, he bumped into a 12 year old fan who was sitting courtside; in predictable look-at-me over-reactive American society, the adolescent’s father sent a letter today to the NBA demanding an apology.

Ernest Provetti, the father of 12 year old Nicholas said that Davis crossed the line, literally, and knocked his son’s baseball hat off and embarrassed his son.

“The NBA makes it clear to not cross the sideline,” he said in a telephone interview. “If I cross that line, the NBA will take away my tickets. It’s a double standard.”

Well, the way I see it, you’re there to SEE THE PLAYERS, if a PLAYER makes a GAME-WINNING, SERIES SAVING SHOT and stumbles a little as he falls backwards from the shot and in his exuberance happens to touch your little snowflake who happens to be RIGHT next to the floor, then you get the FUCK OVER IT.

Of course, when a player DIVES for a ball into the stands and lands on people, everyone has no problem with this, although, apparently in Provetti’s mind the player should be kicked out of the arena. YOU ARE THERE TO SEE THE PLAYERS, NO ONE IS THERE TO SEE YOU.

According to Provetti, in his letter he said that Davis acted like a “raging animal with no regard for fans’ personal safety.” Well, first off Ernest, you’re a douchebag. Secondly, I’ve watched the video, your son gets BUMPED and then Davis moves on. Big Baby did NOT throw your son into the seats, and if the kid did fall over, he should learn how to stand better. But sure, why not take the opportunity to get your name on the news, who knows, maybe you can get a lawsuit out of this.

“How do you like to be a 12-year-old and see a raging lunatic coming at you?” Provetti said today. Well, if I were 12 years old and my Dad got me courtside seats to a playoff game I’d shut my fucking mouth and be happy for ANYTHING. Glen Davis got his sweat on me? AWESOME, THANKS DAD! I guess Provetti’s little bundle of special is too sensitive for that. I hope Child Services comes by and removes Nicholas from his father and instead he can learn to be a member of society that DOESN’T coddle you and make you a soft pussy whiny asshole. Of course, that’s probably too much to ask. Nicholas, I’m sorry y0u have such an fuck-hole for your dad.

I hate people.

[Orlando Sentinel]

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