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Delaware State Goes to Michigan, Plays One Game, Loses Two

delawarestateThis past Saturday Delaware State traveled to take on Michigan in what quickly became a giant rout. Last spring Michigan offered Delaware State a $550,000 payment to come play, which seemed too good for the Hornets to pass up, despite their already have scheduled a game against North Carolina A&T. When Delaware’s league couldn’t reschedule their game, the school opted to forfeit the game in advance.

The Wolverines then manhandled the Hornets to the tune of 63-6. Ouch. Michigan in total had 727 yards of offense, that’s not just an ass-kicking that’s a full on ass-pummeling.

“Michigan played just like they played on the DVDs,” said Delaware State coach Al Lavan. “… I was not shocked, but I was surprised at how much the domination was.”

So, knowing that his team would be crushed, Lavan agreed to the game, I guess to teach his kids a valuable lesson about character — namely being humiliated is fine so long as you get paid. Although, of course, the players receive NO payment, and only get humiliated, but at least Delaware State got some loot right… right? Guys?

Even worse, because of the forfeit, the Delaware State Hornets rolled into Ann Arbor 1-3, after their inevitable loss, the left town at 1-5 thanks also to their forfeit. Well played gents. I hope the school’s accountants were happy at least.



Train Holds Up Marathon

Iowa MarathonSunday’s Des Moines Marathon was going to plan, the leaders were headed to the finish line, they could see it only 400 meters away but they were stopped in their progress. Despite letting the Iowa Interstate Railroad (IIR) authorities know that the race would be crossing the tracks and arranging for no trains to come through, a long freight train was going through no matter what.

“It’s one of those things, when I heard through our communications — what can you do at that time?” Race Director Chris Burch asked.

The eventual winner, Kenyan Simon Sawe said he was shocked to see the freight train, “Nobody is prepared for that scenario,” Sawe told The Des Moines Register. “I couldn’t believe it. It was a long train.”

Because he was forced to wait, Sawe’s lead dwindled and fellow Kenyan David Tuwei was about to catch up. Once the train cleared the two men sprinted to the finish line, with Sawe winning by about 5 seconds. Can you imagine how furious Sawe would (justifiably) have been had he lost the race because of the train?

Mick Burkhart, Iowa Interstate Railroad vice president, apologized via e-mail. He said the railroad was aware of the race and had agreed not to operate in the area during the marathon.

“Due to some miscommunication, a train was allowed into the race area before it was supposed to,” Mick Burkhart of the IIR said. “There is no excuse for this happening.”

[Fox News]


This Year’s Best Promotions at the Ballpark

Ever wonder what promotions are the most successful at the ballpark? Well the Sports Business Journal looked at this year’s attendance numbers and found the affect that the various promotions had on attendance figures. Who knew that Webkinz were so popular, averaging a nearly 32% increase in attendance. I would have thought bobbleheads would be higher up on the list. I’d also wager that nearly all of the magnetic schedule days are on or around Opening Day hence the larger number there which skews the results slightly. I also love that Health Awareness day and College Night’s are both negative draws at the box office.

Category (dates) Attendance Average % Change
Webkinz toy (17) 677,562 39,857 31.60%
Blanket (11) 404,166 36,742 21.20%
Banner/pennant (10) 350,536 35,054 15.60%
Magnetic schedule (41) 1,411,969 34,438 13.70%
Bobblehead (75) 2,555,561 34,074 12.70%
Figurine (29) 957,161 33,006 8.90%
Cap (85) 2,752,213 32,379 7.00%
Backpack/bag (48) 1,522,580 31,720 4.60%
Jersey (34) 1,070,513 31,486 3.80%
Lunch box/school supplies (25) 743,502 29,740 -2.00%
Calendar (23) 680,350 29,580 -2.60%
Poster (33) 929,173 28,157 -7.30%
Helmet/gloves (14) 389,031 27,788 -8.50%
Shirt (67) 1,803,625 26,920 -11.60%
Baseball cards (11) 221,924 20,175 -33.50%
Category (dates) Attendance Average % Change
Team history tribute (19) 655,280 34,488 13.80%
Autographs (48) 1,598,118 33,294 9.90%
Fan appreciation day (29) 960,266 33,113 9.20%
Concert (36) 1,188,728 33,020 8.90%
Fireworks (195) 6,384,812 32,743 8.60%
Run the bases (53) 1,723,097 32,511 7.30%
Cultural celebration (61) 1,940,501 31,811 4.90%
Military day (28) 845,447 30,195 -0.60%
Concessions discount (122) 3,545,640 29,063 -4.50%
Health awareness day (26) 740,762 28,491 -6.20%
Kids day (60) 1,688,884 28,148 -7.40%
Family day (41) 1,100,960 26,853 -11.70%
Pet day (15) 394,303 26,287 -13.50%
Little League day (26) 680,675 26,180 -13.90%
College night (22) 531,875 24,176 -20.50%
Source: Teams, SportsBusiness Journal research

[Sports Business Journal]


The Human Jumbotron is Dope

This simply could never happen in America, there’s no way we could ever get this organized and work together.


Mariano Rivera Loads Up a Spitball

He is the greatest closer in post-season history but during last night’s game against the Angels it appeared that Mariano needed a little something extra. He turns his back from the plate, looks around to see if anyone is paying attention and then BLOOP, he SPITS on the ball. Now I’m not idiotic enough to think that this is the reason for his long history of success, but for this one moment, Mariano CLEARLY is cheating. Of course, the spitball was banned from MLB in 1920, so it’s not like this is something new to Mariano, I mean, he’s old but not THAT old…

Amazingly none of the other 5 umpires on the field noticed anything and while the TV cameras caught it, there was no mention or acknowledgement whatsoever. Astonishing.

Mariano Rivera Spit on Ball3Mariano Rivera Spit on Ball4

What do you think? Is he cheating or just “accidentally” spitting on the ball.

[Halos Heaven]

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