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OK, That’s Pretty Awesome

Certainly not as cool as Nicklas Lindberg’s shootout goal, here is Mike Ribeiro from the Dallas Stars making Coloardo Avalanche goalie Peter Budaj look silly as he skates in backwards and then flicks the puck into the net. You know, when the NHL made the move to shootouts I wasn’t sure I was into it, but damn if it don’t allow some pretty sweet moves for the players to show off.


Nationals Strike Out With Art Too

ph2009040804240As awful as the product on the field is, all 6 Washington Nationals fans can take solace in at least that they play in a gorgeous new ball-park. Unfortunately, the District’s government is intent on ruining the beauty of the stadium. On Wednesday, 4 new public works of art were revealed at the stadium just inside the center field gates featuring former stars of Washington baseball past, Walter Johnson, Frank Howard and Josh Gibson. In addition, a giant mobile was hung by the food concessions on the first base line. Soon, fans may actually prefer to see the awful play on the field, if only to erase the awful memory of these works of “art.”

ph2009040804235The statues were designed by Israeli-born sculptor Omri Amrany, who is now based in Highwood, Illinois and who specializes in sports art. He may want a new specialty. Intending to use the bronze and capture the speed of the game, Amrany instead made the players look like they have multiple limbs and tumorous growths on their backs. Amrany says that the bronze growths that push out from the players’ backs and legs are meant somehow to indicate the momentum of their actions; that their multiple limbs are meant to convey the players’ moving parts. Instead, they make the players nearly unrecognizable and ruin the overall pieces.

ph2009040804319The mobile, actually comprised of 4 different mobiles was designed by Washington-based artist Walter Kravitz and while less awful than the bronze statues are boring and uninspired. Featuring wacky cut-outs of players in Scooby-Doo-type colors they left one child who saw them saying, “I really don’t like how they did the bodies.” And if you can’t impress kids with your art, then just get out of the game.

Fortunately, these works only cost $600,000 out of the public coffers. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE public funding of art, I think it is an extremely important thing for our government to do, I just wish they had picked better artists…However, considering how middling the Nationals are likely to be for the near future, maybe these statues make perfect sense…

[Washington Post]


Soccer Star Quits Because of a Break-Up


The no-longer happy couple in better times

Playing for Inter in the Italian Serie A soccer league would be a dream come true for millions of people; making millions of dollars and having thousands of fans adore you are also the dreams of many people. For Adriano, a Brazilian striker on Inter, those things are apparently not enough. Supposed to return to Italy after the international break, Adriano decided to stay in Brazil with his family. During a press conference explaining his decision, he had this to say: “Right now I am only thinking about my health. This is my reasoning behind why I want to stop playing football, at least temporarily anyway. I have lost the passion to play. I am prepared to give up the money of my salary if need be.”

The source of his angst? Adriano and his girlfriend recently broke up. Now, a bad break up is one thing, but c’mon man, you can’t give up your entire life because you’re jonesed out right now. You’re an international celebrity, you’re young, you’re rich, I guarantee there will be lots of other hot chicks out there willing to get down with you and at least ONE of them will be totally cool and someone you like

Joanna Machado, Adriano’s ex told the newspaper O Dia, “Adriano is completely lost and he needs help…I no longer have the strength to take care of him. I have always looked [after] him, but he has never shown me any respect. He has never done anything for me.”

See, you’re better off without her dude! Unfortunately, Adriano, who has a reputation for petulance and hard-partying doesn’t see it that way and has reportedly been hanging out with unsavory characters since his return to Brazil. Meanwhile, Inter, and his big contract are awaiting him in Italy…



Kidd’s Lady Friend Makes Me Want to Drive to the Hole

It’s got to be nice to be a big-time NBA player like Jason Kidd, you can divorce your wife and then, a year later be dating super hot models. That is NEVER how it goes down for me.

Anyways, here is┬áHope Dworaczyk, Kidd’s current girlfriend who also was Miss April in Playboy this year. She must really like him because as part of the shoot she wore a body-painted version of his uniform, there’s no word if Mark Cuban is changing the uniforms of the cheerleaders, but I for one think this would be a great idea.

After the jump are lots more from the shoot, and her totally NSFW full pictorial, you know, if you’re into that kind of thing. Enjoy!

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