Gator Attack! Spartans Watch Real Alligator Attack Person at Practice

At the end of their Thursday practice the Michigan State Spartans football team had an unexpected visitor: a 7-foot alligator. Not your standard December visitor in Michigan.  Head coach Mark Dantonio had arranged for the team to watch the alligator get wrestled by a man in MSU football gear only to see his stunt have […]


Ana Ivanovic Does a Classy, Sexy, 70s-Style Photo Shoot

Last spring tennis star (and the hottest women in tennis) Ana Ivanovic went to Red Rock outside Las Vegas for a photoshoot for Vanidades magazine.  Thankfully, now her photos can be seen and, well, frankly, they’re awesome. She’s stunning. I don’t much care for the dude in the photos, mainly because he doesn’t look ANYTHING […]

Drew Doughty Celebrates Goal With a Casual Teammate Junk Grab

When a hockey player scores a goal, his teammates all clamor around him and celebrate together. Much rejoicing is to be had. It’s possible that one teammate will even touch his hand against anothers in what is called a “high-5” or in a “fist bump.” Drew Doughty of the Los Angeles Kings has gone a […]


Something Blue: Bride Makes Wedding Dress from ManCity Kits

Fan is short for fanatic because when it comes to sports merchandise, true fanatics can’t help themselves and need to wear team logoed clothing no matter what the circumstance. Karen Bell, a fan of Manchester United, was poised to marry her fellow ManCity fan/fiancee Simon, but she didn’t quite have the right bridal wear. Strangely, […]


Panthers Linebacker Gets Robbed of $1700 in Guns

Kion Wilson, a backup linebacker on the Carolina Panthers, was out doing some errands, stopping off at a Best Buy to pick something up only to return to his truck and see that it had been broken into.  Even worse, the thieves made off with $1700 worth of guns! Wait, what? It seems the F250 […]

Claude Giroux Goes Off the Boards

Back after missing four games with concussion-like symptoms, Philadelphia Flyers young star Claude Giroux has made his presence felt on the ice. His latest bit of skill came against the Tampa Bay Lightning as he purposefully played the puck off the boards in front of him to give himself a sweet backhand shot on net. […]


Marshawn Lynch Gets Skittle Cleats

After some of the top sports blogs in the whole damn world revealed that following every touchdown Marshawn Lynch eats Skittles as a celebratory snack, the folks over at Nike decided to capitalize on the news, creating a special pair of cleats for Lynch.  Careful not to infringe on the Skittles trademark, these Skittles Nikes […]


Paulina Gretzky Shows Off the Family’s Christmas Card

Wayne Gretzky had the good sense to marry Janet Jones back in 1988 and the two have had five gorgeous children together. Second eldest (hipster glases) son Trevor was a 2011 draft pick of the Chicago Cubs, and then, of course, there is Paulina, the Gretzky’s oldest (and hottest) child. Garnering more than a bit […]

Cameraman’s Segway Takes Him for a Fall

As the players got ready for a cricket match between Australia and India, an Australian cameraman was motoring around the field capturing video from his Segway. Paying more attention to his viewfinder instead of his surroundings, Joe Previtera found himself tumbling ass over kettle when he rolled over an errant helmet lying on the ground, […]

Russell Westbrook Starts the Season Breaking Ankles

We know that when it comes to white guys on the basketball court that they can’t jump, but it turns out they can’t defend either. Take Luke Ridnour of the Minnesota Timberwolves, playing defense on Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook, the white boy bites HARD on an absolutely GORGEOUS crossover, practically breaking his ankles clean off […]


Eating Out with Athletes

When it comes time to hang them up, athletes need some new career to keep themselves active; one investment that athletes often make is in the restaurant business. For example, did you even know that backup Eagles quarterback Vince Young has both an Austin, TX steakhouse AND has a smoked meat wholesale business?  It’s true; […]


Missouri Gets CRAZY Interception, Then Drop (and Destroy) Trophy

I didn’t know that the Independence Bowl was being played over the weekend. I still don’t really care.  However! There were two awesomely interesting things that happened with the contest between the University of Missouri and the University of North Carolina. First, with 5 minutes remaining in the game the Tar Heels attempt a pass […]


Packers Fan’s Sign is a Pure Delight

When the Green Bay Packers took on the Chicago Bears on Sunday night, they had in attendance one of the best sports signs of recent memory.  It seems that a young lady (since identified by Deadspin) took the opportunity of being at the game and on national TV to taunt her now ex-boyfriend who, allegedly, […]