HawksFiend Shows that Fan IS Short for Fanatic

The Seahawks have been in Seattle since 1976, in that time there hasn’t been much to cheer for, except the 2005 season that is when they went to, and lost, the Super Bowl. Bryan Murphy was just another anonymous fan at that point, but ever one to go nuts on a bandwagon, he decided to […]


The Whale Returns to Connecticut!

Over the last 6 years there have been four different attempts to get a minor league hockey franchise established in Danbury, Connecticut, the latest venture though looks to be the most secure. Tuesday the nascent Federal Hockey League unveiled one of the new franchises, the Danbury Whalers. The Whale is BACK! While the other attempts […]

Johnny-5 is Alive (and Can’t Stick the Landing)

I don’t have a lot of an idea about why this video was made, but anytime we can celebrate the athletic achievements of our future robot overlords I’m game. h-GYfv8bB_0[/youtube] I’d just like to remind our future masters that bloggers can be very helpful in spreading the robot message and so I should be […]


2 Minutes for Slashing (the Ref’s Throat)

Being a hockey referee isn’t easy, especially in the Junior C levels in Woodstock, Ontario; you have to imagine the pay isn’t particularly good and then there are the fights. When the New Hamburg Firebirds took on the Woodstock Renegades in a recent game Kevin Brown, the 25-year-old linesman was wading in to stop a […]

John Wall Shows Off His Inner Freestyle Walker

John Wall is the likely #1 pick in this year’s NBA draft, but for the meantime he is forced to ply his trade for the pittance that the boosters at Kentucky secretly pay him. Despite all that, on the court, Wall is all business, and boy, does he have some skills. For example, while playing […]

Can You Tell These Are the JV Teams?

This clip isn’t new, it’s from a game in October, but screw it, I haven’t seen it until now. In it, we see some really fine protection from the offensive line, even better tackling prowess and then one of the prettiest spirals you’ll ever see thrown on a football field. Then again, this being the […]

Green Man is EVERYWHERE!

The gang over at It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have themselves a kickass television show and have launched a cultural phenomenon with Charlie’s Green Man character. Green Man has been popping up at sports events all across the country, they even have their own Facebook group; they’re the newest and best trend in stadium fandom […]


Your New Year’s Resolutions are Lame Next to This Guy’s

With New Year’s fast approaching, people are making resolutions left and right; take Martin Parnell, a semi-retired Calgary mining engineer who has made a unique one. Starting 9 am, January 1st, Parnell will be out on the road and starting his first marathon of the year — the first of 250 that he intends to […]

Shawn Johnson Backflips Over a Bobsled

America’s favorite pint-sized taco popper, gymnast Shawn Johnson is participating in an advertising campaign for Crunch bars along with speed skater Apolo Ohno where they challenge each other to athletic feats. Of course, this being a commercial I think it’s clear that this is totally fake, but hey, how often do you get to see […]

The Cavs Fly High Over the Hawks

Whenever LeBron is playing there’s always a strong chance of seeing something incredible; last night’s Hawks/Cavs game featured two such plays! First comes his Highness himself, LeBron taking one hard to the hoop and slamming one down right before the buzzer for the half. LY26J4rFK2Q[/youtube] Then late in the 4th quarter noted handgun owner […]

The NFL Needs a Refresher in the Days of the Week

Now, I’m no expert, but as I understand it, Thursday follows Wednesday and precedes Friday in the standard understanding of what makes a week. This year, Christmas — you might have noticed — falls on a Friday. So, if you’re the NFL, obviously that means Thursday Night Football right! Um. What? Was Friday Night Football […]

Deron Williams is Really Good at Basketball

Chris Paul, Steve Nash and even Rajon Rondo seem to garner more headlines than Utah’s Deron Williams, but that’s OK, he continues to be one of the best point guards in the league, quietly going about his business up in Salt Lake City. Take for instance, this kickass crossover he lays on Dwyane Wade before […]


LeBron is on the Downside of His Career

According to Dave Berri, an economics professor at Southern Utah University, NBA players reach their peak at 24 years old and then everything from there is downhill. In an examination of every player from 1977-2008 Berri found that the average 24-year-old who plays 35 minutes a game is equal to 6 wins per season, After […]

Talk About Gruesome

Derrick Roland is a senior guard on the Texas A&M basketball team, but last night was likely his last game in college after he suffered a BRUTAL double fracture of his fibula and tibia. Roland underwent surgery today getting an iron rod inserted into his leg. Unfortunately, because of the extent of his injuries and […]