Handballer Gets a Kiss So He Shoves Opponent and Takes Off His Shorts

Handball is, obviously, a fiery sport full of passion. In Italy, a country also known for its citizens occassionally being overly passionate, that reputation was only enhanced following a match when Ivan Stuffer took umbrage to a peck on the cheek from his opponent, Pasquale Maione. Reacting in the most standard manner, Stuffer makes sure […]

Long Drive Champ Destroys Simulator with a Tee Shot

Golfer Jamie Sadlowski can flat-out crush the ball, having won multiple long drive competitions with a personal best of 455 yards—that's like, REALLY far. He stopped by the Golf Channel recently to take on Gary Williams in a drive-for-drive contest that quickly turned into no contest after Sadlowski's first shot.  Teeing off into a simulator, […]


Shock Claim: Sex Toy Sales in Canada are UP Thanks to NHL Lockout

With the NHL lockout approaching its 640th month it is now time for responsible journalists to look for new storylines, new ways the lockout has impacted the lives of fans everywhere.  That's how we come to this story from the Toronto Sun which claims that with hockey on ice, Canadians have turned to a more intimate […]


Chiefs Fan’s Obit Blames Team for His Death

The Kansas City Chiefs' play on the field leaves much to be desired but who knew that rooting for the team was deadly? That was the case for one Loren "Sam" Lickteig whose recent obitiuary cast some of the blame for his death at the Chiefs' feet.  I always say, "If you're gonna go, might […]

Mariano Rivera Throws…for a Cologne Commercial

Yankee closer extraordinaire Mariano Rivera is progressing in his rehab from a knee injury to the point where he has begun a throwing program. What better way to highlight that progress than by hawking the (presumably garbage-smelling) cologne that the team is putting out? Your browser does not support iframes. "Cool, man." [MLB]


Random Cyclist Leads Race Runners Off Course

The people of England are an orderly sort; if they see a queue they'll blindly line up, even if they have no idea what about what it is they are lining up for in the first place. Showing off their best lemming-like attributes, hundreds of runners at the Heaton Memorial 10K in Newcastle were led wildly […]


The Best Reaction to a Gatorade Bath EVER

When the Toronto Argonauts defeated the Edmonton Eskimos on Sunday to advance one step closer to the famed CFL Grey Cup you would think that first-year coach Scott Milanovich would be quite excited about the moment. His players certainly were, giving their coach the requisite Gatorade bath, which also resulted in one of the best, […]

CFL QB Gets a Brutal Ankle Injury

The manner in which the human body is formed allows for certain joints and appendages to move or rotate within specific, tight parameters. When said appendages are forced in a direction beyond a certain allowable movement, they can cause horrific injuries.  Edmonton Eskimos (CFL) quarterback Matt Nichols learned this human anatomy lesson the hard way […]


Peyton and Colorado Both Celebrate 420

On Sunday, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning threw his 420th touchdown pass, moving him into second place behind only Dan Marino for the most all-time.  Earlier in the week on Election Day, Colorado citizens voted in a landmark bill that would allow for the full legalization and sale of marijuana. Coincidence? I think not…

High Schooler Returns Missed FG 109.9 Yards

Under the Friday Night Lights of Texas football the Edinburg North Cougars took on the Sharyland Rattlers in a battle for South Texas supremacy. Edinburg North attempted a 44 yard field goal during the game, only to see the kick fall just barely short. Sharyland though had Sean Landez deep in the end zone and […]


Jerry Jones Gets Locked Out of Cowboys Locker Room

As if the Dallas Cowboys' 19-13 loss to the Falcons wasn't bad enough, team owner Jerry Jones found himself an even bigger story after the game. First Jones told reporters that a performance like that on Sunday is enough to fire a GM, except the GM of the Cowboys is Jerry Jones himself… Then, seeking […]


And We’re BACK!

Hey gang, sorry about the lack of posting recently, ironically, my Brooklyn headquarters was just fine throughout super storm Sandy; alas, my computer thought it an appropriate time to completely die on me. I brought it in to Apple to get fixed (twice) before they finally were able to correct the issues but that's neither […]


Bulls Waive Jaric, Is This the End of the Adriana Lima NBA Era?

Potentially TERRIBLE news in the NBA came out on Wednesday: the Chicago Bulls waived backup guard Marko Jaric. This news isn't in itself bad, he's a pretty mediocre basketball player, but because of the lasting ramifications. If Jaric is unable to hook on with another NBA team then that means his wife, the lust-inducing super […]