Ball Handling Skills are Up Amongst the Youth

Things must be extremely slow in the Seattle sportscape or they are THAT starved for basketball after losing the Supersonics, because it’s not often you see a super breathless human interest story like this one about a kid who is pretty good at handling his balls. His basketballs that is…I don’t have any information on […]

Skeet Skeet Skeet

Four members of the European Tour were gathered together in Dubai for a most interesting challenge, destroying a clay pigeon with a golf ball hit with an iron. Sounds hard! Don’t worry though, these guys are pros, eventually England’s Simon Khan manages it. Hooray! uCEB9GgKoJ0[/youtube] 


Rihanna and Matt Kemp Split Up, Sad Face

Sad news out of Barbados, while Rihanna frolics in the surf with her family on vacation (below), Matt Kemp, now her ex-boyfriend is nowhere in sight. The Los Angeles Dodgers stud (who was highly disappointing to fantasy players this year) and the pop starlet had been dating for 11 months but were struggling to find […]


I’d Rather Tucker Carlson Died…

While filling in for Sean Hannity, bow-tie wearing uber-douche Tucker Carlson decided to be outraged at President Obama calling Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and talking about Michael Vick. Carlson, who previously recorded a PSA for a local DC animal shelter, so clearly he’s an animal lover, was upset that Obama commended the Eagles for […]


Cute Surfer Girl Gets Attacked

Reasonably hot surfer girl Stephanie Gilmore was walking home to her place in Queensland, Australia, when, out of nowhere, a man attacked her with a metal pole while on his bicycle. Suffering a fractured wrist and cuts to her hands and head, Gillmore was released from the hospital Tuesday morning after Monday night’s attack.  Gilmore’s friends […]

What a Pass! What a Goal!

LA King’s winger Dustin Brown finished the play, netting the goal for his team in their 4-0 win over the San Jose Sharks but it was star center Anze Kopitar who made it all happen. With a gorgeous lob pass ahead of the defenders, Anze perfectly led his linemate who wasted no time in depositing […]


NFL Injury of the Year

Tennessee Titans defensive lineman William Hayes earns the honor for strangest injury of the season. Unlike baseball or basketball where there are seemingly tons of stupid injuries, from players falling out of beds to punching walls to knifing themselves while cutting apples, football usually seems to be spared those kinds of ailments. Hayes, unfortunately for […]

Fireman Ed (Reed)

During Sunday’s Ravens game against the Browns, All Pro safety Ed Reed was wearing a jacket on the sidelines, trying to keep warm. It seems he leaned too close to the portable heaters around the bench because his jacket caught on fire! Yikes! Showing the same alacrity he features on the field in a punt […]


A Savory Honor for Sandy Koufax

Every year a couple of Jewish siblings and some friends get together during the holiday season to mark an important event in Jewish history in the manner prescribed in the Torah (ed. We should double-check that), gingerbread. Ah, yes, of course! This year the builders decided to blend their love of baseball with Jewish history […]

Dance Fever

I know there’s that adage to “dance like no one is watching you” and normally that’s true, but sometimes, you should take into account that others CAN see you and perhaps rethink your moves.  Take this Oakland Raiders fan who is feeling good and busting out all the hot dance moves, she has no shame. […]


The Best Letter Response EVER

There isn’t much cheery in Cleveland these days, I mean, sure Ohioans can rejoice in having had 7 Presidents born in their state, but I don’t think that really warms the hearts of sports fans… This should help. Back in the 1970s a Cleveland Browns season-ticket holder sent a letter to the team to complain […]

Eli Manning Draws a Crowd

After the New York Giants decided not to show up for the 4th quarter of their integral game against the Philadelphia Eagles, it seems the New York media was dissatisfied with the team’s lack of performance. When Eli Manning came out after the game for his press conference he found an empty room awaiting him. […]


Carl Crawford, All Class

With $142 million more dollars coming into his bank account, Carl Crawford is living a pretty good life these days. However, the new Red Sox left fielder remains a humble and good person, as evidenced by his latest deed.  According to Marc Tompkins of the St. Petersburg Times, on Wednesday Crawford arranged for a catered […]

Devin Hester is the Best of All Time

During last night’s de-pantsing of the Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears return man extraordinaire Devin Hester set an NFL record for the most returns for a touchdown ever. He’s really really really really really good at it.  So, enjoy first this video featuring Devin’s first 13 returns for touchdowns and then last night’s return to put […]

Missing: One Snowboard Rail

The operators of Powder Ridge Mountain in Kimball, Minnesota, and the local Sheriff’s office have put out a rather unusual APB, someone absconded with a 27-foot-long grinding rail for snowboarders. With blue painted plywood sides and a plastic top that runs the length of the rail, you’d think it’d be difficult to misplace, apparently you’d be […]