Wide Right!

From this weekend’s Patriots/Bills game, for those of you who didn’t see the game, the wind was swirling, at times up to 50+ MPH affecting the kicking game drastically. Check out this field goal attempt by the Bills where, even with compensating for the wind, there really is no chance. rgn-LkSzp0I[/youtube]  

Bring Hanley Back

It seems like it’s a moot point, but I like the aggressiveness of the Red Sox brass in checking in on former farmhand Hanley Ramirez’ availability in the aftermath of the Teixeira signing. That said, the reported starting price of Clay Buchholz and Jacoby Ellsbury seem pretty high. Even still, I’m not sure it’s not […]


That 7 Foot Tall Guy Sure Can Play a Mean Pinball

Todd MacCulloch parlayed one pretty good NBA Finals series as a 76’er against the Lakers in 2001 into a $34 million contract with the New Jersey Nets. After only one year in Jersey, albeit one that took them to the Finals, he was traded back to the Sixers for Dikembe Mutombo. Unfortunately for MacCulloch and […]

Hockey is Back!

Since it has been nearly 48 hours since I posted any hockey action I figured I was due. I wish that the other major sports leagues would follow the NHL’s example and have high quality highlights available for free on youtube. It is nice to see a league who won’t shut down fans who are […]


These Clown Shoes Are Konkles

I imagine for a professional basketball player having your own Nike shoe is a great honor; after all, they are the brand of Michael Jordan. Kids across the world would be desperately wanting to wear your shoes (while other kids would be stitching them together obviously). These, however would not be my choice for my […]


The Reds Can’t Win

I guess the trade of Ryan Freel and the loss of Corey Patterson left Reds management desperate for another singles-only hitter who barely contributes to your team, so they signed Willy Taveras over the weekend to a 2-year deal. Taveras has lots of speed and had a ton of infield hits (37 bunt singles in […]

The NBA: Where Champions Battle

Last night in a battle of professional basketball teams the Washington Wizards outlasted the Oklahoma Stupid Names 104-95 in DC. The only reason this game received any attention whatsoever, considering that the two teams were so awful, was that exact reason. The Wizards were 4-23 coming into the game and the SNs had gone a […]

Eric Mangini Hates Pig Tying

So this is random, from the New York Times: Jets Coach Eric Mangini is one of the most cloak-and-dagger wielders of the National Football League’s injury list. The phenomenon peaks with one of the league’s most common injury areas — hamstrings — which have been pulled, strained or otherwise aggrieved 1,154 times among the league’s […]


Nuff Ced

From  ZZZLLL, this was spotted at Boston’s Museum of Science’s gift shop.

Are You Kidding Me!?!

Canadian teenager John Tavares, who terrifyingly was born in 1990, is a member of the Canadian Junior Hockey team currently playing in the World Junior Hockey tournament in Ottawa and is widely anticipated to be the first pick in this year’s NHL draft. He also scored an astoundingly incredible goal during Canada’s first game of […]

The Scots are Some Weird Folk

Golfers in Scotland have been finding something quite unexpected in the woods off the courses, deer mauled to death. In some cases the deer were found hanging from trees. Clubs in Bearsden, Bishopbriggs and Milngavie all reported finding deer carcasses and the SSPCA believes that deer poachers have been using lurcher type dogs to kill […]


Got 125K and Need a Car?

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time for all the great bargains from the retailers. Even NBA stars are getting in on the action. Tracy McGrady listed his tricked out 2001 Mercedes CL-Class sedan on eBay for a “buy it now” price of $150,000 with an end date before Christmas, to make it the perfect […]

That Doesn’t Mean What You Think it Does…

The Hawaii Bowl featured a match up between Hawaii and perennial bowl game loser Notre Dame and, amazingly somehow, Notre Dame pulled out a victory. It just might have saved Charlie Weis’ job. At least for a couple more days… Anyways, during the game, Dave Pasch, one of the announcers made a slightly bizarre statement […]


Today in 90s Family Television

This weekend’s San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos game is a battle for supremacy of the AFC West and the bad blood between these teams is spilling over into a war of words. A strange war of words. For instance, take this bit of trash talk from Chargers defensive end Jacques Cesaire: They have bad […]


Europeans Know How to Party

Somehow my press invitation must have gotten lost, but last weekend, in Amsterdam no less, was the European pole dancing championships. Ladies from Albania to Spain took to the pole to show off their acrobatic skills on two different poles, one in a fixed location and one that rotated, I suppose to add to the […]