World Cup Champion Japanese Women Sit in Coach While Men’s Team Have Business Class Seats

japanese-women-soccer-world-cup-winThe Japanese women’s soccer team are the reigning World Cup champions but they’re still second-class compared to the men’s team it seems. While the men’s squad were able to get comfortable in business class seats for the nearly 13 hour flight to France where the two teams are gearing up for the Olympics, the women were shunted into coach.

Following their victory in the World Cup the Japanese football association upgraded their players to business class but a year later, apparently the bloom is off their beautiful flower. 

“I guess it should have been the other way around,” star Homare Sawa told Japanese media. “Even just in terms of age, we are senior.”

The JFA claim that the men receive business class seats because the team is comprised of professionals but considering that the women are legit contenders for a medal and the men have little to no chance, this seems like a particularly egregious bit of sexism. 

“When we won the World Cup, our seats were changed to business class for our return flight,” Sawa, who recently earned FIFA player of the year honors, said. “I hope we can produce a good result again and be treated the same way.”

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