Wes Welker Gets Tackled After Crashing a Party

wes-welker-anna-burns-0053Wes Welker to be married in just a few short days (to this insanely hot woman no less) and went out with some of his friends for a night on the town in Aspen, Colorado. However, the merry pranksters found themselves beset upon by security guards when they tried to crash the Patron tequila “Summerology” party that was a part of the Aspen Food & Wine Classic. 

Attempting to sneak into the party, Welker was instead TACKLED by the security guards—hey no contact during offseason workouts!. Welker and his friends then nearly started a brawl with the security people until he was finally restrained and then the entire crew was kicked off the property. 

This is where Welker gets in trouble, he doesn’t look like the normal muscle-bound gigantic football player and so they clearly didn’t know who he was. I mean, the man is in town to marry a former Miss Hooters, he gets to do whatever he wants. Those are the rules on which America was founded.

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