Vernon Davis and Rob Gronkowski Fail at Celebrating TDs

Despite a 4-game preseason, many NFL players are still rounding out into proper game shape. Two of the league’s best tight ends scored on Sunday but when it came to their celebrations, both came up short. 

San Francisco’s Vernon Davis is a monster of a human being but after nabbing a touchdown in his team’s win over Green Bay he was rejected by the crossbar when he tried to dunk.

Then there was New England’s Rob Gronkowski. Coming off the best season by a tight end ever, Gronk had an active offseason but now it is time to get back to business. However, after scoring his first touchdown of the season Gronk goes for his signature power spike only to lose a handle on the ol’ pigskin. 

Don’t worry fellas, there are 15 more regular season games to work on your craft.