Two-Sport Super Cute Aussie Star Told to Pick One, She Tells Team to Get Bent

ellyse-perry-001Ellyse Perry has a big problem (and it’s not that the extremely attractive Australian isn’t even FACEBOOK friends with me—although that IS a major issue), a two-sport star, Perry’s soccer club, Canberra United, have issued an ultimatum to their 21-year-old star: Commit full-time to soccer and dump cricket or find a new team.

“Ellyse needs to choose whether she wants to be a full-time Canberra United [the reigning champions of the Aussie W-League] player and commit to training every day like everyone else does,” said Canberra United chief Heather Reid. “Or if she still wants to try and mix her cricket commitment with football, then perhaps she will need to find another club.”

Perry, the first Australian to ever appear in both Cricket and Soccer World Cup events, shortly afterwards commented that she supposed she’d have to find a new team. 

“I’ve been very fortunate to be involved with Canberra United for the last three W-League seasons but there’s some changes at the club and the coach, Jitka Klimkova, has some different ideas about how the team needs to be run,” Perry said.

“I fully respect her philosophy, it’s certainly her prerogative to change, but mixing my football and cricket commitments doesn’t work so well in her framework. It seems I’ll have to start looking for a new club.”

“I still want to play both and hopefully I can play for a club that allows me to do that.”

Good for her, after all, it’s a bit hard to demand your players commit full-time to a sport that only pays you for part-time as the W-League does. Meanwhile Perry’s cricket team continues to support her doing both sports and is even encouraging. 

The most important takeaway from this story though: Ellyse Perry, hot 21-year-old cricket and soccer star, DOESN’T EVEN KNOW ME!

Someone help in fixing that injustice immediately.  

Get at me girl. (Full gallery of this lovely sheila after the jump)

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