Tom Brady and Kurt from Glee, Derby Doppelgangers

We’ll have more on the Kentucky Derby shortly but first and foremost in my mind is Tom Brady. The former World’s Best Dressed Man showed up at Churchill Downs for the race in an outfit that doesn’t do it for me.

Clearly Tom knows more about fashion than I do—and if Gisele likes it then who cares—but it doesn’t inspire much confidence in me when my quarterback is showing up looking like the McKinley (OH) High School placekicker than an All-World Hall of Famer. 

Tom Brady should NEVER be dressing like Kurt from Glee, it’s a rule that is so obvious that it was never written and now Tom is violating it. And this isn’t gay-bashing—I love the gays!—it’s Tom-bashing. And if we’re being honest, frankly Tom, all these new “fashion-y” outfits you’ve been wearing have been making you LESS attractive. Whatever happened to those simple suits and dress shirts? Sigh.