The Washington Nationals Will Read You “Fifty Shades of Grey” for Your Pleasure

Bullpen pitchers are a different breed; shunted off to their own domain for the entirety of each baseball game, the bullpens always seem to house the wackiest and weirdest characters. Recently, plenty of electrons were spilled discussing the story that Washington Nationals player Michael Morse was reportedly reading Fifty Shades of Grey, in actuality it was his girlfriend, not the slugger. Or at least that’s the story the Nationals bullpen is spinning; however, the bullpen IS reading it and they filmed a segment for the MLB FanCave where they read it aloud. 

Let the doulcet tones of Sean Burnett, Ryan Mattheus, Tyler Clippard, and Craig Stammen take you into the world of (really poor writing, vanilla) erotica. 

Well then!