The NBA is Rigged: Ref Gives Heat Coach a High-5

Look, we all know the NBA is rigged. The refs can control the tempo and what goes on more than nearly any other sport and regularly do so in the NBA, particularly in the playoffs. Sure, the Miami Heat won the title last night but they did so with a solid assist by the refs. If you need evidence—beyond the horrendous foul calls and non-calls on the Thunder—look no further than the refs giving Heat coach Erik Spoelstra a HIGH-5 WHEN RUNNING UP THE COURT.

Are you fucking kidding me?

As if the New Orleans Hornets “miraculously” winning the #1 pick in the draft while still being technically owned by the NBA and having been just sold to a man who for years refused to buy the team without additional subsidies wasn’t fishy enough, now there’s this?

Even Vince McMahon and the WWE are embarrassed by the inconspicuous nature of the NBA refs.