The Nationals Can’t Spell Strasburg and the Twins Don’t Know Their Players’ Names

strasbrug-jerseyIf you’re the Washington Nationals and you’ve already been widely embarrassed by having your team play a real professional baseball game with the team’s name MISSPELLED on the uniform, one would think they would take steps to ensure something like that never happens again. It would also probably behoove the Nationals to make sure that when selling the uniform of the team’s best player that said uniform is ALSO spelled properly. 

Alas. Attention is NOT being paid in DC. While Stephen Strasburg is aces ON the field, in the team’s in-stadium store he is no present. However, you are more than welcome to purchase a $250 authentic jersey with “Strasbrug” on it.


Sadly, the Nats aren’t the only team incapable of spelling the names of the players on its roster. The Minnesota Twins sent reliever Jeff Manship out onto the field on Wednesday wearing a “Mansihp” uniform. Who was the genius clubhouse guy who looked at that and was like “Yeah, that looks right!”???

Wasn’t the Scripps Spelling Bee just held in DC? Clearly the Nats need one of those 7-year-olds to come by and hold them accountable.

[DC Sports Bog