The Greatest 5-Person Swimming Pool Dunk You Will EVER See

The Olympics don’t begin for another 11 days but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ahtletes performing miraculous feats today. Over the weekend, some intrepid amateur pool dunkers completed one of the holiest of Holy Grails for slam dunk competitions, the 5-person-toss-around-swimming-pool-slam-dunk. 

It’s a maneuver so difficult that it hasn’t been tried in several decades since some East German teenagers attempted it only to all tragically die when they pool they were jumping into turned out to have been drained of its water three years prior. Alas.

In Cape Cod, Massachusetts, for one day at least, America once again regained the bragging rights to swimming pool dunking antics the world over. And if you look closely you might just find a rare glimpse of the Slanch in the wild.