Summer Olympics Hottie Lolo Jones Makes US Bobsled Team

Olympic Hottie Lolo Jones has sadly so far fallen short in her quest to win a medal but she has a new avenue towards Olympic glory, the Winter Games. 

Only three weeks into trying the bobsled, Jones was selected as one of six pushers for the US squad as it gears up for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. This after her first run had her finishing only .05 seconds off the leader. Joining Jones on the squad is gold medal winning sprinter Tianna Madison. 

While neither track star is a guarantee to make the final team (there are only 3 push slots available) they're at least putting themselves in a position towards success. Track athletes have long been sought after in the bobsled world because of their speed and explosiveness can be well utilized in getting the sleds underway. 

At the least, we get to fantasize about the uber-sexy Jones in another spandex body suit—and this time with a HELMET.