Some of the Best and Worst Hats and Celebs at the Kentucky Derby

Churchill Downs is the site of one of the most important “be seen” days in America; oh and I guess they have some sort of race there too. This year’s running was no different than other years (besides that pesky homicide…) with celebrities, faux-celebrities, rich people, and others all on hand to show off the latest in Derby fashions.

There were sports hotties like Lindsay Vonn and Erin Andrews in abundance (photos 6 & 7), washed-up celebs like Cyndi Lauper and Star Jones and plenty of drunken men and women all over the place. I particularly enjoy how people were drinking mini Champagne bottles like they were bottles of Bud Lite. 

Supposedly the Derby is one of those sporting events that you just HAVE to see live; I’m not so sure about that. I mean, it looks fun and all (if you’re super rich) but standing around all day to watch a two-minute race seems like a silly way to spend an afternoon in Kentucky. I mean, there’s so many museums and other fine cultural distractions available in the area instead…