Snoop Tebows on the Mound in Chicago

snoop-dogg-tebowingSnoop Dogg is known as a voracious Chicago White Sox fan so it makes perfect sense to have him come throw the first pitch before Thursday’s game. 


Snoop is from Long Beach. He’s not a White Sox fan. What the hell is he doing throwing out their first pitch?

Well, whatever. He did it.

Fortunately for Twitter faux-comedians, his throw was not in the strike zone thus leading to about 15,000 people all making the same joke: “Snoop threw the first pitch and it was…high.”

Great. He loves weed. Someone please come up with a new joke.

To top off his sportstacular day, Snoop then Tebowed on the mound. Way to hit the zeitgeist. If only he pulled a LOLcat out of his pocket the day would have been complete.