Sharapova DIDN’T Get a Haircut!

It’s not uncommon these days to see news outlets be fooled by bloggers or for them to report “facts” as Facts based on poor info, but that doesn’t happen on this blog. I pride myself on ALWAYS getting the story right. Well, sometimes at least. 

That’s why I was STUNNED to learn that the photos of Maria Sharapova with a new, shorter haircut were in fact FAKES! Even though they came via her own Facebook page, it turns out the photos were merely the shapely Sharapova in a wig, something she donned for a photo shoot.

If you can’t even trust the athletes to give you the proper story about themselves, who can you trust?

If it weren’t Ms. Sharapova’s birthday I’d be quite upset with her. But, she’s 25 today so I may as well let her off with a warning. I’m going soft in my old age.

(Not literally Maria, I’m still cool.)

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