Rugby Player Ruptures Testicle on the Field, Has it Removed

Have you ever wanted to play rugby? Well, please allow me disabuse you of that desire. 

Paul Wood (a most unfortunate name you'll soon see) was playing for the Warrington Wolves, a British rugby squad in his league's Grand Finals match on Saturday. Early in the second half he took an inadvertant knee to the groin, as you do in rugby, and didn't pay too much attention to it. 

"I could feel I wasn't right," Wood said, "but I managed to stay on for 20 minutes until [the coach] Tony [Smith] took me off."

That feeling of not being right? That was Wood's testicle RUPTURING. 

Check please.

Brought to the hospital following the match, Wood was taken into surgery and had his right testicle REMOVED. Seems like a high price to be paid for a simple sporting match.

Fortunately Wood was able to have a sense of humor about the horrific injury. When asked if he would consider wearing extra padding in the future he replied: 

"It's something I'm going to look at because obviously I've only got one now – so I've got to look after it.

"If I want any more kids this has got to be my pride and joy."

He also took to Twitter after leaving the hospital, posting: "Ruptured my right testicle, got a knee 1 minute into the second half, had to have it removed."

"Just coming out the hospital to go home… Seriously feel like I've left something?"

Any sporting event where I have a decent chance of losing my testicle is a sport I don't play. Call me a wuss if you like but I'll keep my hands on BOTH my balls, thank you very much.