Romanians Prove to be Master Baiters, Win Angling Championships

The sports world has been rocked with a doping case that may have long-lasting ramifications. No, I'm not referring to Lance Armstrong being stripped of his titles, (boooorrrriiinnng) but rather the World Carp Angling Championships where the team from England is claiming that the first-place Romanian squad cheated, using secret bait that provided an unfair advantage. 

The Romanians were the hosts for this year's competition and have been feeding the carp in Lake Corbu a special diet for the past five months. Used to the particular recipe, the fish were biting early and often on the rods of the Romanians, much to the Brits' chagrin who were using a different type of bait. 

Even more frustrating for the English team, the move by the Romanians doesn't violate any of the rules of the competition although it does seem to violate the spirit. 

Joining Romania on the winners podium were Serbia and Bulgaria, both of whom noted the special bait being used in advance and stocked up on their own supply of it as well. 

Better luck next time. I guess that's just how the carp crumbles.

(That was terrible.)

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