Redskins Using iPad Playbooks to Trash-Talk Each Other

redskins-ipadLike many other NFL teams this season, the Washington Redskins have loaded the team’s playbooks onto iPads for the players to use. Equipped with security where if you mistype the password 5 times the entire iPad is erased, the iPads also have another feature, anonymous messaging. 

Created so the players could talk about a given play, instead the Redskins have been using the feature to send trash-talking messages to the entire team. 

“I don’t know who figured it out or who started it,” tight end Chris Cooley said, “Like I said, [the messages are] anonymous. As of today, there are maybe fifty postings. My opinion is that it will take off.”

Some players didn’t know about it but in the highly competitive world of football you can bet there is going to be some heat.

“Man, they don’t want to play with me,” linebacker Chris Wilson said. “I’ll [trash talk] someone for no reason, just because I can. I’ll make some alliances, take people out. No joke.”

[DC Sports Bog]