Rays Fan Loses His Pants Going For a Ball

The fans in Tampa go so crazy for their hometown Rays (well, those that show up—”Yay! We’re 29th in attendance!”) that their clothes just spontaneously fall off! Or at least, for one man they did. 

Going hot after a foul ball during Wednesday’s game against the White Sox one particularly burly fan has his pants fall clean off. Ta-da?


You know what might be the scariest thing about this? What if the guy’s pants fell down because he’s recently lost a lot of weight and hasn’t yet bought a new wardrobe? What if that giant man is the AFTER picture!? 


Also, Tampa residents, you’re all giant assholes. The Rays are one of the best and most exciting teams in baseball and NO ONE fucking shows up? You’re pathetic, the lot of you.

[Sweater Punch