Police Nab Scuba Diving Golf Ball Thieves

ball_divingNewtown Square is a small town about 15 miles outside of Philadelphia that is being ROCKED by a major crime. On Wednesday morning the local police arrested four people for the heinous crime of stealing golf balls.

It seems that a Newtown Township police sergeant came upon a white van and trailer outside the Aronimink Country Club and found it suspicious. Inside the vehicle were four people (Daniel P. Curry, 31, Charles D. Creed IV, 26, Robert D. Sauve III, 28 and Carisa N. Osmond, 23), diving gear and approximately 8,000 golf balls.

The foursome, who are all from Saginaw, Michigan, allegedly were using scuba equipment to recover lost balls in the ponds of White Manor CC and Aronimink CC. According to Daniel Curry, when questioned by the judge he responded that he owns a ball-retrieval business and that he recovers the lost balls, reconditions them and sells them back to the clubs. Curry claimed that the arrest was a simple miscommunication, he has a contract with OTHER courses in the area and had been supposedly misinformed that collecting the balls at the two Newtown Square country clubs would be allowed.

The hardened criminals were released on $5,000 bail and will stand trial later for charges of theft, receiving stolen property and defiant trespass.

Sounds like a stupid business to me, and a waste of good scuba diving equipment, who wants to go grab some used golf balls in a crummy pond outside of Philadelphia? That does NOT sound glamorous to me. However, defiant trespassing DOES sound badass.

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