Peyton Manning Joins Memphis Grizzlies Ownership Group

The Memphis Grizzlies are in the process of being sold and the new ownership group has added a new minority partner: All-Pro QB Peyton Manning. It ooks like Peyton Manning is finally putting all that commercial money to good use.

Technically Manning's wife, Ashley, is the one serving as the part owner but it's fair to say that Peyton is the one putting up the cash. Ashley, a native of Memphis, joins Justin Timberlake and former NBA player (and co-star of Blue Chips) Penny Hardaway as new owner Robert Pera rounds out his ownership group. 

"While my focus is on playing quarterback for the Denver Broncos, I look forward to watching her become involved with her hometown team," Peyton Manning said.


With Manning and Timberlake joining the owner's group the Grizzlies are now the front-runners for the NBA's "Best SNL Host" award.