Paul Ryan Visits Browns, Confuses Facts, QBs, Looks Like a Nerd

Man of the People Congressman Paul Ryan visited with his Republican base, the 1%, with a campaign stop at the Cleveland Browns' training center on Wednesday. Joining Ryan on the trip was longtime Browns fan, and big-time football fan (and occassional NFL Commissioner candidate) Condeleeza Rice. 

Unfortunately, while Rice has no trouble identifying the players (she took special time to talk with fellow Alabaman Trent Richardson and spoke about how she owns a Josh Cribbs jersey), Ryan clearly didn't do his homework in advance. Speaking to the players Ryan made sure to congratulate Brandon Weeden on his first NFL victory that coincided with the QB's 29th birthday.

There was just one small problem: Ryan congratulated backup QB Colt McCoy instead… But hey, why let facts get in the way of a good story!

Bemused at the error, "[a] few of the Browns players began laughing quietly while others looked away before the candidate realized his mistake."

There's that attention to detail that you want in a person vying for the #2 position in the US goverment.

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