Panthers Auctioning Off Old Stadium Logos

panthers-vinyl-logosWhat, you think you’re cool because you have a Fathead on your wall? Well, if you REALLY want to impress people, the Carolina Panthers have an offer for you! 

On Monday the team offically put up a set of three 19-foot by 34-foot vinyl Panther heads that up until recently were on the back of the scoreboards at the team’s stadium. 

If giant logos aren’t your thing, maybe the Panthers can interest you in a 6-foot by 17-foot section of the vinyl wall cover from just above the field. And if THAT isn’t your bag, maybe you’re interested in 5-foot by 6-foot section of a wall mural from the team’s weight room that was subsequently signed by all the members of the 2011 club. 

With the team having updated its logos, everything (except the mural) were no longer needed around the stadium and so the team decided to auction them off, donating the proceeds to cancer research and the local Children’s Hospital. 

So that’s something. Bid today?

[Charlotte Observer